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Kenya Alerts News App

Get the latest breaking all Kenya news in English from 12 most commonly read Kenyan newspapers.
Kenya Alerts News App is one of the best news app for your android device as it not only gives you the latest news and announcements but it also gives the trending posts and breaking news updates on what is happening now instantly on your phone/tablet.

Don’t waste anymore time and money searching for your Local newspaper on the streets of Kenya we have provided you with a digital HD Newsfeed App streaming the trending Kenyan local news from 12 different sources of newspapers.

How it works
If you feel like reading the Daily Nation Newspaper or the Standard Digital you can do simply by clicking on the respective news Icon and get access to their news website.
Kenya Alerts News App updates all Wanainchis with notification alerts on any breaking news in Kenya. Your phone or tablet will Beep to tell you that there is an announcement from the App, so make sure to read them as they will be of value to you.

Why install this app?
Kenya Alerts News App gives you information from all the contents such as political, Entertainment, Business, Gossip, Music news at a glance. The app collects information from

The Standard Newspaper
The Star News
The Business Daily News
The Daily Nation
The Citizen Digital
Tuko News
News 24 Kenyan
Capital FM
The Daily Post
The Daily Post
Kenya Today
Mediamax News
The East African

You can now stay updated with latest news on the Kenyan law and the government authorities such as the Kenya revenue authority (KRA)

The biggest advantage of e-papers in Kenya today is that it reports news a lot faster than regular newspapers.
Whenever anything is reported anywhere in the Kenyan constitution, it gets published on our app in a matter of minutes. Another advantage of e-papers is that they are updated regularly. While standard newspapers are usually published once or maximum twice a day, e-papers are usually updated whenever there is something worth reporting.

If you like our News App
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