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In our modern day computer era, ruled by intelligent machines that can almost take decisions for themselves like in a very grim dystopian story, a type of computer hacker or cracker is something very common. When someone is asked about his or her motives for exploiting computer security weaknesses, a hacker will often declare that he did this for fun, as a sign of protest or for profit. This behavior has a very illegal and dark side, because computer hackers think their activity is anonymous, but they is often wrong. Despite the bad name of this action, there have been hacker movies and books that document how these operations take place. The cyberspace is a very vulnerable universe and hackers are modern astronauts who want to explore and find secrets. Are you fascinated by being a hacker? Don't risk it and be safe by only downloading the new and adventurous Keyboard Plus Hacker theme. You can install this Keyboard Plus Hacker theme on any smartphone or tablet with an Android operating systems. Enjoy Keyboard Plus today!

I need help applying a Keyboard Plus theme. How do I do it?
To apply a Keyboard Plus theme, you need to follow these 3 simple steps:
1 download the Keyboard Plus Hacker from the Google Play store
2 open the Keyboard Plus Hacker theme
3 press the Activate button from the Keyboard Plus Theme Manager

All of our themes come with custom fonts that match the style of the theme. Don't worry about anything, the special font will be displayed automatically after you apply the theme. This theme uses a free Google Font™:

New layouts for various languages coming soon.

Have something to tell us? For suggestions or bugs, contact us at and we will reply faster than you can say "Keyboard Plus" !

Can I change the size of the font?
Yes, from the Quick Settings tab (the 5th button from the option bar), you can control the Keyboard Size from the 3 possibilities: S - small, M - medium and L - large.

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