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Summer Keyboard Theme
Summer Keyboard Theme is what you need this summer!
People are much happier during summer. Blame it on the hot summer sun, the heat, on all the sundresses and all the pool parties.Summer is the season to be completely devoted to leisure and the people you love. Summer food is the best, people always love summer for all the abundance of fruit, vegetables and other fresh produce.Summer is ideal for activities like running, swimming, sport or it's the best time to get a tan and chill on the beach because everyone looks better with some summer color on their cheeks.
If you were to ask anyone, the best season in the year is summer. We wait for summer all year long, and we always think summer is way too short. Children wait for summer so they finish school and adults love summer for vacation and trips. During lovely summer, the weather is warm, the seaside is tempting and the days are longer. How should you celebrate summer? Here are a couple of ideas: if you love to get out on the water, you can go fishing. Have a picnic or big cook-out. Camp in the great outdoors. Listen to songbirds. Let the light in! Relax and read a book or gaze at the stars! All these ideas are awesome, but we believe that the simplest way to celebrate summer all year long is to customize the keyboard of any smartphone or tablet with this new and exciting Keyboard Plus Summer theme. Your phone will look amazing, your tan will be prettier and the fun will never stop with this new Keyboard Plus Summer theme. All you need is to download the new Keyboard Plus Summer theme today!
I need help applying this Keyboard Plus Summer theme. How do I do it? To apply this theme, you need to follow these simple steps:
1 download the Summer Keyboard theme from the Google Play store
2 open your new theme
3 press the Activate button from the app's Theme Manager
4 enjoy your awesome Summer custom keyboard skin

The Keyboard Plus Summer theme comes with custom fonts that matches the style of this yellow and blue, awesome theme. This Summer keyboard theme uses a free Google Font™ and you can find it here:

Have something to tell us? For suggestions or bugs, contact us at and we will reply faster than you can say Summer!

To use this keyboard theme you need to have the Keyboard Plus app installed on your device, which features:

★ Hundreds of themes to choose from: get any style, any color, any look!
★ New themes every day
★ Easy to use Theme Manager with countless beautiful themes like America, Pink, Neon and much more
★ Clean and elegant design for the built-in keyboard themes
★ Quick settings panel with useful features available directly in the keyboard
★ Numeric keys are always available on your keyboard
★ Big, medium & small keyboard sizes so you can type as fast as lightning
★ All keyboard themes come with a gorgeous custom font
★ Special keyboard layout for easy number writing
★ Sound and vibration on key press are quickly turned on or off
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