Kids Learning Educational Game

Kids Learning Educational Game


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5-in-1 educational games for kindergarten kids! Learning ABC, numbers, identifying hidden objects, shapes and colors. Teach your preschool kids how to count, select colors, match shapes, abc alphabets and identify hidden objects with Kids Learning Educational Game!

This virtual world of kids learning is a fun and magical way to teach your junior recognizing letters and objects. It’s an amazing brain trainer for your preschoolers. Guide your child while he is reading and learning under your supervision through this amazing Kids Learning Educational Game. Prepare your preschool kids for school by getting their minds familiar with all the alphabets, shapes and numbers.

We make it more exciting with catchy colors and HD images. Make sure your kid has a quality time learning with fun. Let’s see what this educational game offers you. Kids Learning Educational Game is packed with 5 educational mini games with plenty of fun in it.

√ Select Colors for kids: Select the correct color from the colors shown. The color lovers would be delighted to play the color game. Involve in and teach your child how to identify colors with the amazing mini-games for kids. It’s a great puzzle game for kids.

√ Counting Game: Learn to count the number of objects and select the right option. Learning to count is easier now for the young minds and tiny fingers. It’s a fun math game.

√ Pick the right shapes for kids: Drag the colored shape and drop it on the similar suitable transparent shape to match them together. Teach your kid to find the right pair of shape, identify their names and put them together.

√ Kids ABC Flash Cards: Teach your pre-school aged child all the ABC alphabet letters along with the objects starting from them. Your kids would be delighted to learn ABC with colorful flash cards from A to Z. Name a specific alphabet and ask your kid to find it and tap it. Watch him getting more familiar with the English alphabets A-B-C while his response gets better and better.

√ Hidden Objects: Find and tap the three random objects shown. Ask your kid to identify the objects shown below, name it and tap it so that he gets to know what object is it.

This is what we call fun to learn. The delightful way of teaching your child while he blend in with the knowledge and learn to read, write and indentify objects. Such educational apps engage your child in fun filled activities while they learn alphabets, coloring, numbers, counting, shapes and much more. This makes your preschooler get familiar with ABC, shapes and 1 2 3 before beginning school.

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