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Kirtanam Bhakti is considered to be one of the easiest form of Bhakti in this age of Kaliyug


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Why Sing Kirtans?

The singing of Kirtans (Divine songs describing glories of God and His various pastimes) is important in one’s endeavor of devotional service unto God, after all is one of the devotion services (Bhakti) as stated by our revered Scriptures. The Nand Saints composed thousands of verses of Kirtans and sang them in-front of the ever present God. The divinity experienced through Kirtan Bhakti liberates the mind from the mode of ignorance and elevates it above the three-fold modes (Satva-Rajas-Tamas)

Krute yad-dhyaayato Vishnum, Tretaayaam yajaato makhaih, Dvaapare paricharyaayaam, Kalu tadd-Hari-kirtanaat
Shreemad Bhagwatam Canto 12, Chapter 3 & Shreemad Satsangi Jeevan Canto 4, Chapter 34

In the verse above, Lord Ved Vyas states that ‘Just as one attains merit through mediation of God in Satyug, offering sacrifices to the Lord through the holy fire in Tretayug, worshipping the Lord with various offerings (with shodasopacara, the sixteen kinds of paraphernalia) in Dvaaparyug, one attains all the merits of these combined through chanting the names of the Lord in Kaliyug.’ Lord Shree Swaminarayan also states the very same in the 4th canto, 34th chapter of Shreemad Satsangi Jeevan. This chanting constitutes of Dhun (Repeated Chanting) or Kirtans (Verses describing various glories and pastimes of God)

Naama sankirtanaam yasya, sarva-paapa pranaasanam, pranamo dukha-samanas tam namaami Harim param
Ved Vyas, Shreemad Bhagwatam Canto 12, Chapter 13

In the 12th Canto of Shreemad Bhagwatam, Lord Ved Vyas states ‘I offer my respectful obeisance unto the Supreme Lord whose congregational chanting of holy names destroys all sinful reactions and who relieves all material suffering.

Aum Shrī Puṇya-shravaṇa-kīrtanāya Namah
Shree Janamangala Namavali, Mantra 107

Shatanand Swami says, ‘I bow forth to Thee (God), Whose pastimes, glories and hymns are fruitful to the reciter/reader/listener’. Kirtan Bhakti further strengthens one’s devotional love for the Supreme Personality.

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