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This Landlords have a beautiful interface, is the most dazzling free Landlord game. Very fun and exciting, so you experience the most fun Android system Landlords game.
What is still hesitant? Hundreds of thousands of friends are waiting for you! Come and share with them Landlords and take the gift of happiness!
* You can compete with the robot stand-alone, you can also challenge.
* Perfect stand-alone mode, no network and mobile phone traffic, you no longer have to worry about traffic is not enough!
* Free, unlimited permanent play!
* New artificial intelligence, man-machine war!
Poker rules:
Leaflet: Any single card.
Straight: Any five or more points linked to the card, 2 and the king can not appear in the straight.
Pairs: any two points of the same card, two small king or two kings are also considered pairs of sub-type.
Even on: three or more pairs of points connected to the card, such as: 556677.2 and the king can not appear in the even.
Three cards: any three cards with the same number of points.
Three Shun: two or more points connected to the three cards, such as: 555666; 555666777888.2 and the king can not appear in the three-in.
Three with two: the same points of the three cards + a pair of cards, such as 55577 aircraft with wings: three + the same number of pairs of cards, such as 555666777 +99 JJKK.
Bomb: four or more cards with the same number of points, such as: 66666,999999
King of bombs: four trump cards.
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    2017-04-15 12:36:21

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    ka lemin

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    Android 2.3+

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    Google Play


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