Landmarks and Wonders Puzzle

Landmarks and Wonders Puzzle


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◕ “What are the 7 wonders of the world”? Download Landmarks and Wonders Puzzle and “learn and play” with this amazing “jigsaw puzzle for kids” and adults! If you like to travel and visit all the “famous attractions” of the world, download these “jigsaw puzzles free games” and enjoy matching all the puzzle pieces of this “world jigsaw puzzle”! Admire the marvelous city sights on your phone and tablet! If you are searching for “jigsaw puzzles free games 100 pieces”, get this “puzzle game” with beautiful pictures of all the “7 wonders of the world” and other amazing images of breathtaking landmarks and enjoy! Set the level of difficulty from easy (9 pieces) to hard (100 pieces) and enjoy solving some of the best world jigsaw puzzles and landmark games! Once you complete the puzzle, you can choose to save the image to your gallery and use it as a wallpaper! You'll get a very fun, easy-to-play and highly addictive “puzzle game for kids and adults”, plus the option to use all these twenty pictures as your background images.

Main features:
◕ Choose the difficulty – easy (9 pieces) to hard (100 pieces).
◕ Every jigsaw game is different – various piece shapes every time.
◕ Move pieces in groups – easier to connect a single piece with the entire group!
◕ Save all puzzles in progress – work on all of them at the same time!
◕ Use PAUSE button if you want to see the whole picture, or to save your progress!
◕ No in app purchases – all the “picture puzzle games” are completely FREE!
◕ Play these puzzles without WiFi – great addicting game which you can play without any obstacles!
◕ Visit our channel to find more puzzle games for kids and adults!

◕ Photos of Taj Mahal, Stonehenge, Colosseum in Rome, Big Ben Clock Tower, the Sidney Opera House, the “Eiffel Tower” and many other images of landmarks can find their place on your desktop! Download Landmarks and Wonders Puzzle and start playing “easy puzzles” with 9 pieces – in no time, you will become good enough to solve even the hardest puzzle games with 100 pieces! Take these “puzzle games for adults for free” and visit a different continent, country or city with every “puzzle wallpaper” you choose to solve! Teach your kids about all the seven wonders of the world – show the the pictures of the Giza Pyramid or the Great Sphinx, let them admire the beauty of the Niagara Falls or Christ the Redeemer in Rio, visit Paris or travel to New York – have a lot of fun as you learn and play with the best “free puzzle games for kids” and adults!

◕ Besides being a fun pastime, Landmarks and Wonders Puzzle is a great “learning game for kids” and an educational puzzle for kids of all ages! With this free jigsaw puzzle game, kids learn about all the “wonders of the world”, and other important monuments of our beautiful planet Earth! Everyone who likes to play geography quizzes and puzzles games, as well as “landscape puzzles”, is going to be amazed with these “free jigsaw puzzles for Android™”! Sit back, relax and prepare for some sightseeing from your armchair. Select your favorite image and decorate the phone screen with it. “Paris wallpaper”, Big Ben wallpaper, “Stonehenge wallpaper”, “Taj Mahal photo” and many other landmarks can become your new phone background images! Download these unique “puzzles for kids and adults” and enjoy!
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