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Developed by CHC Technology Co., Ltd(, LandStar 7 is the newest field-proven software solution for Android. Designed for high precision surveying and mapping tasks for your everyday work.
If you are new to LandStar 7, you will be impressed by its seamless work mode management, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn graphical user interface with simple operation. Extensive data import/export formats and multiple types of measurement and stakeout methods ensure instant productivity.

Top Features:

1.Powerful graphical surveying
Support both online map (OSM, BING Map and WMS)) and offline map (DXF, ESRI SHP file, TIFF and SIT formats) as base map. Selected points in DXF or SHP file can be automatically coordinated and added to the points manager for staking. Multiple polyline and polygon features are allowed to measure simultaneously. Feature code can be chose from the quick panel. Editing measurement results is available. Polylines, polygons and circles with code can be created by survey points, with nodes can be deleted,polygons can be redraw and polylines can be closed.

2.Extensive data import and export formats
Support CSV, DAT, TXT, DXF, SHP and NCN as the import format, CSV, DAT, TXT, KML, DXF, SHP, RAW, HTML as the export format. Contents of CSV, DAT, TXT can be customized by users.

3.Multiple localization methods
Supports 3, 4, 7 parameter based three dimensional Cartesian transformation methods. Enables to use Geoid undulation file(GGF, BIN, GRD, GSF, GRI, ASC) and also Grid shift file. Support for RTCM transformation messages (1021-1027).

4.Correction repeater function
Supports repeating correction data from RTK network to other rovers via radio modem.

5.Convenient work mode management
Supports presetting of common work modes, selecting or switching work modes by one button push. You will not need additional steps to configure your work mode while surveying.

6.Various types of measurement
Support points, lines, polygons measurement. The methods of point measurement include topographic point, control point, continuous point, offset point, compensate point and corner point.

7.Multiple types of stakeout
Support point stakeout both from point manager or snapping from DXF, line stakeout, surface stakeout and road stakeout.

8.Three connection types
Support Bluetooth, WIFI and demonstration connection. Demonstration module allows users to input coordinates and simulate it as the current position.

9.Smart e-manual
Embedded e-manual is available in the field. You can check the help documentation in the top right corner of each interface and get guide.

10.RAW file recording
Supports to record RAW files. You can review the operation procedures, configuration parameters and measurement results.

11.Measurement geofencing
Supports a series of points as the measurement geofencing. It will remind you once your position goes out of the boundary to ensure your work being limited in a predetermined area.

12.Real-time global TEC map
Supports a built-in global TEC map with updating every 10 minutes to help you to choose the best working time in high ionospheric activity regions.

13.Powerful COGO tools
Support calculation of perimeters, areas, transformation parameters, etc. It also has a build-in RPN calculator.

14.Field Hardware Support
Supports CHC X91+/X900+ receiver with the firmware v8.35 and above, and CHC i80 receiver with the firmware v1.3.42 and above, as well as internal GPS of Android controller.

15.Data Collection Hardware
LandStar 7 used with CHC HCE300 is the most compatible way, it can also be used with CHC LT600 or other Android devices of v4.2 and above.

16.Language support
LandStar7 is available in English, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Greek, Croatian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Polish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Please note: Online registration guide for LandStar 7 can be downloaded from here.
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