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Wrestlers League - League of Fighter is a deathmatch Wrestler's Rift. Feel the action in the crack of League of Fighters. Choose any of most fighters Fighters World League to win the league tournament mode. The excitement at its best when you fight with your classic rival. Magics are not necessary with your favorite player, epic and realistic scenarios, epic worlds.
Many champions are ready to jump into the crack and survive the fight for survival. Be the top player crack fighter. Use your Ultimate to knock out your opponent.
+ Yauso is one of the greatest murderers of the crack. He dominates all martial arts since he was a child.
+ Gins is an expert in weaponry. Do not hesitate to try to crush you. Just out of psychiatric, ready to conquer the crack with their smart rockets.
+ Catalina is an old glory of the fight. She knows all the techniques of street gangs and knows all about street fighting. Now you can fight her again at the crack of fighter.
+ Triven is also a murderer, well known in Europe. Magic, bravery and courage are essential to win a battle.
+ Gaeron the sovereign is a very dangerous tank, His great strength will make you sweat to win the league of legends.
+ Rac immortal giant wrestler, great champion inside the crack. Expert jumps killer keys.
+ Genuine Peko is a very dangerous expert destroy all his enemies with his magic magician at full power.
 + Figora epic fighter and murderous seductress, do not rely on his long legs could rip the arms of a single movement.

Remember that this is just fiction. Do not try to fight on the street and even at the crack of fighter. Play on your mobile when you try to fight enemies. Fighting game players league of fighters. Champions fighting in 3 rounds in a fight to win the league legends, winning the playoffs, fighting all players in the world of League of fighters.
Two players in the league of legends involved in a fight, multiple combos to defeat your enemy, vital waves, martial arts, karate, kick boxing, thousands of tricks and combinations of kicks, punch, air strikes, multiple kicks, infinity punch knockouts air strikes and many more to discover.
Three game modes, League, Survival and Versus mode. realistic scenario, Choose your favorite champion, every champion has skills, movements and different tricks.
The gameplay of survival of the season is a tie among the best world champions have to beat your rivals but will be removed from the crack of the leyndas.
The training mode will help you learn tricks and martial arts, you can see this by pressing the buttons and check the effect of your moves and let your enemy knockout.
actual combat in this fighting game where legends crack engage in a fight, among the best murderers, wizards, tanks in the world.
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    2017-09-20 09:42:14

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    Bambo Studio

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    Android 2.3+

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