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Learn German - Lite


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• Learn German is the easy and fun new way to learn German - Our app encourages your kids to learn speaking German quickly, to learn german alphabet and german basics.
• If you want to learn German in a Hurry then this is the right app!!
• You can learn German for free – Our app helps your learn basics of German in a very short period of time. This app will teach you German language in a very interesting manner without getting you bored!
• This app is very helpful for beginners as well as for kids because it teaches you German in a very easy way.
• Learn german flashcards introduces you to the more common words and phrases first, so that by the end of first day itself you can form your own basic sentences which are not just academic but also practical.
• Course begins with teaching you the German Alphabets which are the basic necessity to learn German.
• Nouns and verbs are included in the app are mainly those which are commonly used in speaking German.
• You will speak german properly only when you will be able to pronounce german words correctly.
• German easy phrases teaches you the perfect pronounciation of words through audio visual aids. Pronounciation of words is according to German accent.
• Our app has a never ending vocabulary of German words. By learning through this app you will be able to carry out a conversation in German successfully.
• Phrasebook in this app consists of easy phrases which are easy to learn. To initiate testing of what you have learnt this app consists of Flashcards. Flashcards are easy and effective way of remembering words. Gender quiz helps you to improve your gender identification.
• Covers all aspects of the the language i.e Speaking, Reading, Writing
• Over 10.000 words and phrases with images.
• Get the FREE vocabulary app right now!
• 700 words with images to illustrate words, phonetic transcriptions and German pronunciation recordings by native speakers.
• Commonly used and practical words selected.
• Makes you practice prounciation of words properly.
• Effective methodology to teach German within a month.
• Includes Flashcards that helps in easy learning for beginners
• Vocabulary covers 22 thematic topics.
• 3 difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
• Learn German app is absolutely FREE!
• With Tchokoapps learning apps, you can german basics and german course prouncition.
• learn more than 1000 words through image illustration, recorded pronunciation and native
• Learn german for beginners is perfect for anyone who wants to learn German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, etc.
• German flashcards contains over 800 commonly-used German words and vocabularies for travelers and beginners.
• If you are traveling to Germany, make sure you bring this app with you!
• learn how to speak german for free, quickly and easily by the photos, whoever was your language, with a simple and interesting games to teach German
• wonderful and easy app to learn how to speak german and how to pronounce german in a simple way by images, so that each word have photo about it and there are possibility of recurrence hearing the spelling, pronunciation, the application also includes games and fun tests to learn the German language easily and how to pronounce german.
• Whatever their native language you will be able to learn German by images from this application
• Whether you are a French or Japanese or Chinese, arab or italy or spain , or any nation , you can learn German through this application easily
• Using this application you can learn the German language for b1 and german nouns.
• Quickly learn the most frequent German words and travel phrases before your holidays or build a solid vocabulary in just 10 min per day
• Learn german phrasebook while driving, running or doing housework in listening-only mode.
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