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Learn2Play is a parental control application for Android mobile devices (exclusively in first release) that allows parents to choose both learning and play activities for their children and set time limits for both. Parents start by choosing which applications on the device should be designated as learning activities, such as reading or educational activities, and set a time for the child to learn before they can earn time to play. Next, parents select the play activities from the available applications on the device and set a time limit for that. Finally, the parent hands the device over to the child. Children will then have access only to the designated learning applications for the set time period before they are allowed to start playing. Once children earn time to play from the time invested in learning, they are free to play for the amount of time set by the parents.

Learn2Play tips & features:
- After your child is finished, there is a convenient on/off switch in Settings where you can login and turn off the app. This way, you don’t have to enter your password for using other features on your device.

- In Settings, “Update Time” allows you to add more Play time on the fly.

- When your child stops Learning or Playing and the screen goes into Sleep mode, the timer will automatically pause so that your child can’t cheat the app and sit out their time.

- When the device is turned on, rebooted, or is fresh out of sleep mode, there is a “Continue as Child” option on the login screen that allows your child to go back to the home screen and pick up where they left off. This keeps your child from having to bring the device to you to login every time s/he resumes use.

- When the app is turned off in Settings (parent passcode required), the home screen will block all apps within Learn2Play and state “L2P is OFF. Turn ON in Settings”. Keep in mind that when the app is turned off in Settings, outside of the app, the device will function as if L2P wasn’t installed. Turning it back on resumes full parental control as initially set up by you, the parent.

- The home screen will always let your child know how much time remains for both Learning and Playing. When Learning time expires, they will have the option to continue learning, or Go Play. When Play time expires, they will be prompted to go back into Learning apps to earn more time.
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