Light Monitor - Sensors

Light Monitor - Sensors


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Would you like to know the current light levels of your surroundings using your mobile phone/tablet sensors?

Do you know that using your mobile phone/tablet for extended periods in areas with excessive low/bright lights can damage your eyes?

Light Monitor is a very useful, simple app which helps people get the current light levels/illuminance, so that users can easily check the illuminance of a particular light source/lighting appliance, or know when to take care of your eyes if your surrounding environment's light levels are too high or too low.

* ACCURATE LIGHT MEASUREMENTS: Light Monitor helps users get the current light level/illuminance measurements of your surroundings or a particular light source

* COMPREHENSIVE LIGHT ANALYSIS: Besides getting the current light level/illuminance in lux, users can also get the light readings in footcandle for easy comparison with other light sources too

* HIGHLY CONVENIENT LIGHT CALCULATOR: Convert common light units and calculate the illuminance, luminous intensity, luminous flux, etc easily for any of your work/study/personal assignments

* USE LOW SYSTEM RESOURCE: Simple app which uses very low system resources to prevent draining your battery

* TAKE CARE OF YOUR EYES: As the best optimum light levels for healthy eye sight during prolonged use is around 150 lux to 10,000 lux, users can know when to take care of your eyes when using your mobile devices or during other activities in very low light or bright light conditions

* PREVENT EYE DAMAGE: For the best eye care and prevent over-illumination, users can set your preferred min and max light levels for any of your specific activities using "Light Level Alerts" under "Tools"

* DISCRETE FIXED LIGHT LEVEL READINGS: For people who are facing problems and can only get two or three discrete fixed light level readings when using other apps to read your light sensor, you may click the "Dual Use Light-Proximity Sensor" to help interpret these readings and learn how to set your light level alerts for different light conditions

* GET AUDIBLE WARNING NOTIFICATIONS: When your surroundings' light levels is (1) too low, (2) too high

* REALTIME MONITORING: Monitor your surrounding light levels today for the best eye care, health and well being!


- As we hope to provide the best useful apps for our users, should you encounter any problems with our app, please feel free to email us at for technical assistance before rating us and giving your feedback on Google Play. We sincerely look forward to help solve your problems and make sure you have a good experience with us.

- Please note that your mobile device's light level readings is highly dependent on the current conditions of your mobile phone/tablet sensors & components, hence if you find the readings inaccurate, it most probably means there might be a hardware issue such as sensor damage due to dropping the phone/tablet or degradation due to device overheat/wear and tear.

Light Monitor is developed by CyanClub, which is a leading Singapore IT firm and is a partner of Addge Pte Ltd (

Should you experience any problems with our app, please feel free to email us as follows.
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