Lil BUB's Ringtones!

Lil BUB's Ringtones!


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BUBify your phone!

This app features 10 real BUB sounds that you can listen to for free. You can even purchase them from the app to be your ringtone or notification sound! Download all 10 and have BUB tell you everything you need to know.


- Easy to use interface lets you preview sounds
- A quick in-app purchase instantly installs the sound as your ringtone
- Once a sound is installed, it's available in your Sounds list to use anywhere on your phone or tablet


For more official BUB Stuff, visit
Presented by Hugmonster Sound,

** NOTE for users on Android 6 (Marshmallow) and above**
Google introduced new permission-granting settings and processes in Android OS version 6. Instead of accepting and modifying permissions when installing an app, permissions must be set manually.

After purchasing a sound from this app, you will be guided through the process of changing up to two settings on your device to allow the app to install ringtones. We promise that this is the only task we'll perform with these permissions - BUB would never overstay her welcome.

Many devices running Android 6 and above also do not automatically set the tone as the default when installing, so you may need to go to Settings / Sounds / Ringtones to see the LilBUB tones in your list, and set them as your ringtone, alert, and more.

We invite all comments, questions, and concerns via our contact information on this page.
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