Live News Headlines

Live News Headlines


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Here is an absolutely free app for you to watch live news from US. Get the latest news from the newsrooms of premier and credible global news brands. Headline news, International, national and local news, sports updates, weather forecasts, business and stock reports, commentaries, documentaries and every eventful happening from North, East, West and South is just going to be streamed on your smartphones. Users of the app will enjoy the smoothly run stream of news bulletins, breaking news, Current affairs content, Talk shows and Talkback programs and more. Initially we have for you the NBCUniversal owned MSNBC, Fox News Channel owned by Fox News Group, ABC News of Disney Media Networks and Cable News Network or CNN International owned by Turner Broadcasting System.

Mobile Audiences can watch their favorite news and talk shows such as CNN Newsroom hosted by Max Foster, Amanpour by Christiane Amanpour, International Desk, Anderson Cooper 360°, 20/20, ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America, World News Now, Nightline, Americas Newsroom, Fox & Friends First, Fox and Friends, Hannity, America’s Election Headquarters (Special program), The O’Reilly Factor, Bulls & Bears, First Look, All In, Morning Joe, Locked Up Abroad, MSNBC Originals, Hardball, The Last Word, The 11th Hour with Brian Williams and more of your interest.

Last but not least, get the full coverage of United States Presidential Elections 2016 with different perspectives, i.e. Liberals, Conservatives and moderates. All the news, quick developments, related to Hillary and Trump, campaign, voting, debates, Superdelegates, Electoral College and more updates on US Presidential race. Watch your favorite cable and satellite news channels in high quality HD stream. You are more than welcome to give us any feedback and suggestions about the streams or any channel you want us to add in the playlist.
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