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The object of the game is to move all your pawns from your base to the end place.

Game features:

- Move pieces by tap
- Undo
- Support tablet device
- Dynamically change players - android or human player
- Support playing offline against android - strong computer opponent.
- Classic Design
- User-friendly, tap-to-move interface
- Designed for both Tablet and Phones
- Free updates!
- Smooth gameplay.
- Hours of entertainment!
- Free! Play as much as you want
- Ludo game without wifi. Play Ludo free board game offline.
- Fun, excitement and entertainment!

Moving a piece out of the starting place requires a roll of 6, if no piece can move, play passes to the next player. Once a player has pieces out, he must move one of his pieces clockwise around the board. The piece must move the number of spaces rolled and cannot move fewer. If the player has more than one piece on the track, he may choose which piece to move. Pieces move around the outside of the track's until they complete a circuit of the board and return to the track of their color.

If a player's piece lands on a square which is already occupied by another player's pawn, that pawn knocked off the track and returns to its starting area.

Once a piece has returned to its original arm and made it to the entrance of the matching colored track, it begins to move toward the goal in the center of the board. To reach the goal, the player most roll the exact number of squares the piece would need to move. If the goal is four squares away and the player rolls a five, for example, he must move another pawn or pass. The first player to get all pieces into the goal is the winner.
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    2017-09-21 01:16:11

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    DKL Games

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    Android 2.3+

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