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Lumaku:Personal Video Censor


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New Facilities : ALARM. we update the ALARM for every TEEN movie, but many kid likes it, like Goosebump, Hunger Games, Starwars soon.

Just OPEN LUMAKU, Choose Alarm, Choose Play Alarm, Choose button to online, and you can choose movie that you want to watch from the list. For example Hunger game 2, then it will said " Play it after Lionsgate animation ", so all you have to do, enter cinema ( or wherever you want to watch it with you children ), an after the "Lionsgate animation" playes, you press the Play button on lumaku......

let the movie begin, and it will vibrate, to tell you that there will be annoying scene, so you can ask your children to close their eyes...Have fun........

Have you ever watch a Movie and, you just do not want to see some part of it ? you have a lot of work to do that, using a software video editing, and a powerful PC, and of course, you need a lot time.

By using LUMAKU, you will be able to Cover the scene, the audio, or even skip the part of the movie that you do not want to watch without a single editing. all you need to do is using the LUMAKU and the 3 step.

So, you can watch a movie with your kids, without worry your kids see the erotic, violence, swearing or bloody scene from a movie. If you realize, more movie for kids having many scene that is not suitable for kids to watch.

You can use any digital format of the movie, you can store the movie in your tablet ( download from trusted source ), and play it using LUMAKU, and do your own censor for your kids. after that, you can play the movie using your tablet to your TV, BY HDMI cable, or Wireless Display.

Download and install the application in your android device, register your name and your email, the password will be sent to your email, and you can start use the Lumaku from your android device by login to enter the App ( using usernema and the Password that sent to your email )
Have Fun

How to use ( Making a Censor ):
1. Choose mode, to make a censor, choose "Capture Time" button ( third button in the middle )
2. Chose movie that you already save, Choose it from "Select Video" button ( second button in the middle )
3.Then, klik "Play Video" button ( The green Button )

When the movie play, there button on the upper left of your Screen.
"Video" Button - if you want to censor a video
"Audio" Button - if you want to censor an audio
"Audio Video" - if you want to censor a video and audio at the same time

just Click one of the button above depend on your asessment of the movie, and click the button you have click after you see the scene you see, not showing anymore.

after finish, press "save file" Button. This will save a XYZ extension file, and give the file a name for you to remember.

How to use (Playing a video that already Censor ):
1. Choose "Select File ( XYZ)" button ( first button in the middle )
2. Choose movie that you already save, Choose it from "Select Video" button ( second button in the middle )
3. Choose mode, to play a censor movie, choose "Play Video" button ( third button in the middle )
4.Then, klik "Play Video" button ( The green Button )

The video will play, and will cover or eliminate the audio that you already set in XYZ file before.

Have Fun

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