Magic of Clay: Sculpt For Kids

Magic of Clay: Sculpt For Kids


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Children's developmental applications and learning games is all we do!
And of course we could not pass by such useful for kids, fun and exciting employment as modeling in plasticine or clay.
Clay modeling is one of the best ways to improve fine motor skills of little hands of your child and, therefore, to develop his brain and intellect.
Also clay modeling provides an excellent opportunity for the development of creativity, fantasy, imagination, abstract thinking, and lay the foundation of creative and independent personality.
Teach your children to sculpt with new «Magic of Рlasticine”™ How To sculpt series.
Our a unique sculpting method is so simple and effective that even small children can understand it easily and quickly master the basic techniques of clay modeling.
With applications of «Magic of Рlasticine” series. any child can easily make his favorite toys, cartoon characters, wild animals or pets, cars and dinosaurs, in a word - everything that you want.
" Magic of Рlasticine: Sculpting for kids" is the first edition of the "How to sculpt" series and designed for the youngest artists and their parents.
It contains more then 40 simple step-by-step lessons of clay modeling. A lot of charming, yet simple models include: bugs, frogs, birds, cats, dogs, wild animals and even fabulous and fantastic characters.
Little novice master learn as they clay, discovering the magic and secrets of plasticine while creating their own toes. Detailed illustrations and step-by-step instructions lead him to hands-on creativity with easy.
►How will my children learn to scalpt?
All our scalping lessons based on simple and unique method, making it possible for children across the globe to create magical clay characters. We show that all creatures can be built using three simple, yet key shapes: a ball (or egg-shaped form), a cylinder or a rope («hot dog» or "sausage", as the kids say) and a disc (pancake).By means of these shapes with different colors and sizes and an endless variety of combinations can be obtained by any figure!
It's really simple. And our lessons prove it. Experience the method for yourself! Using this app any child will quickly learn to sculpt and get pleasure from their own creativity, achieving amazing results. Your child will love to sculpt!
► Why my children need to sculpt in plasticine or clay?
Development of the brain in children is directly related to the development of fine motor hand. . "The mind of the child is on the tips of his fingers," -so this greet discovery was formulated by scientists. Motor experiences are the basis for all intellectual functioning especially for the first 2-3 years of life. That is why the early development of intelligent and thought processes your child necessary to start with the development of the movement in fingers.
One of the best means of intensive development of fine motor skills, and therefore intelligence of your child is modeling from plastiline or clay, because the main tool for modeling are just child's hands, without any additional tools such as a brush, pencil or scissors.
► Why choose this app?
These lessons are fun and exciting activity for your child. Simple and intuitive method of clay modeling teach of basic techniques to sculpt. Each lesson consistently shows the basic steps for creating a pattern - from simple to complex, from the general to the particular, as taught by great artists. Your child gets pleasure from their own creativity, achieving amazing results. And they will love to create!
• Simple how to create in clay method, designed for children
• Wide variety of models for every taste: cartoon characters, animals, cars, superheroes, dragons and monsters, etc.
• More than 40 easy-to-follow lessons with simple step by step instructions!
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