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Mankutimmana Kagga (beta) application renders on your android phone the priceless gems of wisdom composed by D.V.Gundappa (affectionately known as DVG) - one of the most renowned poets the Kannada language has ever seen. The application contains all 945 verses with the essence translated in English by Prashanth Kota. It also consists of simple kannada word-to-word meaning and essence in Kannada taken from “Kagga Rasadhare” series by Ravi Tirumalai.

Mankutimmana Kagga, can be translated to English as "Dull Thimma's rigmarole" has an esteemed position in the hearts and minds of the Kannada speaking populace all over the world. Sometimes it is regarded as the Bhagavadgeethe(this being the holy scripture for Hindus) of Kannada.

This application is an attempt to make available this literary treasure to a whole new generation which is used to consuming knowledge that comes through their hand held smart phones. The application is unique with the following features:

- Strikingly simple UI with utmost focus on content.
- A powerful search option to quickly go to the Kagga through its index.
- Search Kagga's either by typing words in Kannada or simply by typing the kannada words in latin. For example type "baduku jataka bandi" and find one of the most famous of the kaggas instantly.
- Read about Mankutimmana Kagga and its author D.V.Gundappa in Kannada and English on wikipedia from right within the application.
- All the Kaggas are stored on your device, that means you can access all kaggas even when you are not connected to internet.
- Mark your favorite Kaggas. Store them all for easy access.
- A simple sharing feature enables you to share your favorite Kagga with your friends through a social application of your choice.
- Absolutely no advertisements. We have developed this application out of love for Mankutimmana Kagga and will never use it as a medium to shove advertisements.

Mankutimmana Kagga android application is under active development. Stay tuned to get amazed! Let us know your love and support in comments. Spread the word among your friends and help spread Kannada and its literary treasure across digital boundaries.

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