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The 'CAT' (Create, Assist, Transit) ecosystem for transmitting and receiving livestream position for the masses from 'Stopmapp'.

Screatelive - Create your bus trip (For School, College & Travels Transport Admin)
Sassistlive - Assist the trip created by admin to live stream position of bus (For Drivers)
Stransit - Just to search the bus live position (For Parents & casual searchers)

Quick start:
1. Create account & login
2. For demo enter '100003' and search.
3. Go : Options menu (left top) --> 'Add new trip'. Enter trip name (like 'Bus A to B').
4. Go : Options menu --> Find your trip listed in 'Mytrips'.
6. Share the tripID (eg 100003 etc) & key '123456' (in green button in your trip) to Driver to 'Start' the trip (who use Sassistlive).
7. The trip is 'LIVE' and the driver is live streaming the position of the bus.
8. Share the tripID (eg 100003 etc), assigned to your trip to Parents and Public users in Web, in bus display board, in printed tickets, SMS, whatsapp group etc.
9. They can see the live position by searching the tripID assigned (eg 100003 etc) in 'Stransit'.

Visit for detailed explanation on using Screatelive.

We at StopMapp, intend to save your time and energy by giving your position update / your vehicle's live location update to reduce waiting time. No more stressing out about your loved ones being late. Find out where their vehicle is at, by the click of a button. ​We strive to make your and your loved ones' commute safe and easy.

Create your trip.
Add stops.
Update and manage your trips
​Secure your trip with user authentication.
Make your trips lively with our amazing collection of trip icons and marker icons!!!

No URL. No address. Just a number. The easiest way ever to find and share your location.
Where are you / Where is it???
            No:1 , Htklm avenue,
            Jghtn Road,
            Landmark: Near the tower,

    Where are you / Where is it???

​Really tough to recall it or memorise it or store it in your phone, right??? Yes we know!!!     

  Where are you??? Where is it???

​We simplify it like no one else has!!! Every trip Id created is unique. It is easy to remember, share and store just like telephone number. Now, whenever someone asks your address, just say your trip Id "123321". It is that simple.

Live streaming your location for your loved ones :
Stop feeling anxious about your loved ones' travel (Be it school/ college/ office), monitor their vehicle's position all along the way. 
​Travelling in car / bus / train or any transport??? Just let your loved ones know you are safe and secure by sending your live position update by frequency of your choice. 

Government and private transportation system :
Give your vehicle a new identity by creating a trip ID. Users can monitor the live position of your vehicle by following the trip Id through our app. Enlist the trip Id in your website for credibility just like your telephone number or contact details. ​For easier access, you can display the trip Id along with the route number in the name board of the vehicle (Bus /Train) Let your users stay updated on the vehicle's location all along the route.

Our trip Id can also be used for
​ -Locating mail services 
-Service delivery
​ -Virtually connecting to anything mobile or stationary around the world.

For organisations managing routine trips, download our other app "Sassist live" along with Screate live. Sassist live is for the assistor / driver who operates the day to day trips.

We also provide another app, "Stransit" for the sole purpose of monitoring. Stransit is the easiest way to monitor trips. Stop feeling anxious about your loved ones. Get their location by the click of a button. No more waiting at the stop. Monitor your vehicle's location and get to your stop on time to board it.
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