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“Special Systems and Technologies” Company Group, the largest European producer and distributor of electric heating systems and appliances making life comfortable, presents MCS 300 application for remote control of electric heating systems from your smartphone. This is a practical solution for modern people who appreciate comfort, save energy and know how to put their time to its proper use.

MCS 300 software application enables you to control electric warm floors, radiators, design-radiators, portable heaters from your smartphone at any place where the Internet access is available. The warm floors and electric heaters should be connected to special Mobile Comfort System thermostat. The thermostat and the smartphone can communicate to each other in a room directly by Wi-Fi with no auxiliary devices required. If you need to control several thermostats or arrange their remote control, you can do it using home Wi-Fi router with Internet access.

With MCS 300 application you can set operating parameters and control heating systems installed in different rooms (drawing room, bedroom, kitchen, children room, and so on) and at several places (apartment, living house, summer house). Having installed MCS 300 application, you can control up to 32 warm floor systems (provided each system is connected to Mobile Comfort System thermostat).
MCS 300 software enables you to set and keep on a real-time basis the required temperature in each room within the range from +5℃ to +45℃, and also to monitor sound condition of the heating system elements.

You can select one of the three heating control modes provided by MCS 300 basic settings:
1. Permanent temperature maintenance with setting range from +5℃ to +45℃;
2. “Vacation leave” mode with permanent temperature maintenance within the range from +5℃ to +12℃;
3. Program mode that enables to preset weekly temperature maintenance schedule for each room. You can set the required maintained temperature for each hour period during the day.
With MCS 300 application you can save energy and control your home comfort condition from anywhere globally and at any time convenient for you!

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