Memo Checker!![Free]

Memo Checker!![Free]


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Memo Checker!! is an app based on the concept of being able to "write things down immediately" and "erase quickly" when you come up with ideas.
It takes an easy, simple, tweet to-do list format.

Your love Thank the MemoChecker !!.
This time, because we were we publish a version without advertisement, I will inform you.
In addition to the background of the free version to Recently Added has background selection function, we have a further three types available!
Please, please try.

◆ ◇ Main Functions ◆ ◇
・Drag and drop lists
・Methods for adding new lists (add above, add below)
・Bulk delete all checked items
・Start-up settings from the notification bar

◆ ◇ I was to create a promotional video! ◆ ◇
Than andro like Idah

◆ ◇ Whats review! ◆ ◇
Than andro like Idah

Than Appliv like

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【Memo Checker ! Use use】
Do not have experience was near , Nantes , is a note of the little things on paper that I do not need ?
I think or was that or was a list of things to buy , or planned , came up suddenly , it's different .
It was from where I thought circumstances that created this app , and , if Nokosere notes such as tweets .

You can note the material of shopping , I myself have been writing the plan for the day .
Since there is no use applications that you particularly limited, and it is fine if it is possible to use in the needs of people who use . I am happy if you can tell me if such , think you also such use .

【Main features of the Memo checker !】
・Easy sorting by drag-and-drop
・No extra computational functions and more input , notes such as tweets
・The items tap , and checking the text color change and strikethrough of items you have completed
・Batch delete all the checked items

・It is recommended the terminal equipped with Android OS 2.3.3 or higher to have you use comfortably this application .
・Do not appear small by the terminal , there may be a corruption of the layout .
Please contact us if you do not see well in your terminal if .
・If you have trouble , request , requests for improvement , and this app , I want to other , or at the following reviews
Please contact us

this software includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0


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【Certified Developer certification】

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