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Metal Detector AKA Body Scanner or Metal Sniffer is a smart application to detect Electromagnetic field / fields. It is a must use app if you have a smart phone. You can use this app to detect metals up to 30 cm away from your smart phone. Make your phone a metal detecting machine. It also serves the job of a body scanner. Metal detectors today have a very significance in our daily lives. Its one of the best metal detector app you will find.

Salient Features:

• This app gives output in both analog and digital form.
• Detects metal at a range of upto 30 cm.
• Analog meter.
• Digital reading in micro Tesla (uT).
• Easy to use.
• Can also be used as a body scanner (Just for playful purposes).
• Live graph plotting.
• Tells you, if your smart phone does not possess the magnetic sensor (magnetometer).
• Beep on detection of the Metal.
• As ghosts exist in the form of electromagnetic energy, So this app can also help you in ghost detection. So it is also a ghost hunter tool… (Just for the believers in Ghosts existence).


This app uses the function of the magnetometer inside your smart phone. As soon as the device comes in contact with a magnetic field around you, it gives a beep sound. So metal is detected. The beep sound will only be produced once the strength of the magnetic field crosses the threshold value of 70 uT.


• This app uses the magnet sensor of your smart phone , So only ferromagnetic materials can be detected with this app.
• Metals like Gold and Aluminum are non-ferromagnetic so can be detected with this app.
• It has a definite range for the sensing, metals beyond this range can not be detected .
• If the app doesn’t work properly. Try to restart it.
• Its not an aluminum or Gold detector
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