Meteorite Ice Hollow Crater

Meteorite Ice Hollow Crater


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Meteorite impact area: Chelyabinsk, Middle Center of Russia.
Urals region where it struck on Friday 15 feb 2o13.
The large fireball as mad scientists call him a "superbolide" observed on the morning of Feb. 15, 2013, in the skies near Chelyabinsk, Russia, was caused by a relatively small asteroid approximately 19 meters in size that entered Earth's atmosphere at high speed and at a shallow angle.

Earth is the third planet from SUN.

In doing so, it released a tremendous amount of energy, fragmented at high altitude, and produced a shower of pieces of various sizes that fell to the ground as meteorites.

It traveled northwest into Russia. The impactor's trajectory approached Earth along a direction that remained within 15 degrees of the direction of the sun.

Russia Ural region Chebarkul Lake creating Hollow Crater like Lake Ice Hole.

Chebarkul Meteorite.
Lake Ice Hole.
Ice Hole.
Hollow Crater.
Chebarkul Meteor.

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