Mindi - The Card Game

Mindi - The Card Game


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Mindi is the traditional, time passing game in India. People of India love to play Mindi for countless hours with their Family & Friends. So we provide you in Android phone. You can easily play with your android mobile.

Mindi is a fun trick taking card game hailing from India, where it is quite popular. It is a mind blowing Indian card game. Card games are very popular everywhere. People enjoy them as they just kill boredom.

Mindi or Dehla Pakad as it is popularly called is a exciting card game which is easy to learn and offers a unique game experience every time you play it. It is a team game and the ultimate objective is to win maximum no. of 10 numbered cards for your team and complete as many Coats against the opponents.

It is also known as MindiKot, Mendhi Coat, Mindi Multiplayer, Dehla Pakad (means "Collect the tens") ! A slight variation of Mindi is also known as Coat piece. Mindi is considered to be a game for smart people and needs some strategy to win it.

Also known as : Mindi, Mindi Cote, MendiKot, MendiCot, MendiCoat, Dehla Pakad, MendhiKot, MendhiCot, MendhiCoat, Collect the tens

Two Modes of game:
1) Hide Mode- The player to the dealer’s right selects a card placing it to table face down which will be declared as trump suit for that play.

2) Cut Mode- Play begins without choosing trump suit when the player is unable to follow the suit then whichever he/she chooses becomes the trump of the deal.

Rules to win:
Initially all players gets 13 cards. It’s a team game so you and your partner have to collect more Mindies then your opponent team. There are total 4 Mindies in 1 deck game and 8 Mindies in 2 decks game.

Key Features:
→4 players involved - 2 teams of 2 players each.
→Two game modes- Hide Mode & Cut Mode
→Artificially Intelligent(AI) game playing agent that you can play against/with.
→Excellent graphics, optimized to run on all devices
→Sharing with your friends, family and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and more social apps

We would love to hear your suggestions, feedback & comments. So send your feedback on levistechnology007@gmail.com
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