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Hungarian State Treasury – December 11, 2016

The MobilKincstár is an additional service of the Hungarian State Treasury’s (hereafter: Treasury) WebKincstar service via mobile phone application which is operated as an information and securities distribution service. By use of MobilKincstar Android application you can manage from anywhere at anytime your matters of securities registration account.
Available services for non-registered clients:
- Games - acquisition of savings and financial skills in a playful way
- Queries and graphical displays of the daily exchange rates of bonds distributed by the Treasury
- Contact list of the Treasury’s government securities distribution offices with map (Client Offices)
- News
- Informations
- Marketing
- Convenience services

Available services for registered clients:
- Services for non-registered clients
- Transactions in connection with securities and cash account
- Actual balance of accounts and investment stock
- Transaction turnover of accounts for a determined period
- Cash transfer between accounts
- Cash transfer to bank accounts provided by the client*
- Purchase/subscription of government securities with bank card or bank transfer payment methods
- Bank account registration
- Disposals of the discharge method of future maturities
- Change the actual password

*The daily limit of the bank transfer is determined by the Tresury and is no more than 100.000 forint or 300 euro per client account.

Please note, that the services for registered clients are only available if you have dispose of a securities registration account and require the WebKincstar or rather MobilKincstar service.

The MobilKincstar application can be run and used under normal using mobile devices, which device suits the prescribed minimum requirements (operating system and resolution).
Technical parameters:
Device: minimum (480x800) 240 dpi resolution
Operating system: minimum Android 4.2

For any further information about our service, please visit our homepage:

In roaming environment additional data transfer costs may be incurred.
For further information please contact your service company.

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