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App (C) therau2000 2013-2016
Free version: basic feature.
Alternative versions: purchase a License to unlock one of 3 full-feature alternative versions.

Note: Several people confirmed that Mobius USB Tools does work fine on Android 7 Nougat.

Mobius USB Tools is simply THE best, most sophisticated, and most advanced Android app for the Mobius-2, Mobius, and #16 camera. Providing super smooth User interface for configuration and HD LiveView, Mobius USB Tools automatically matches camera mode without any User intervention.

WARNING: As discussed in Android Issue 189766 there is a great deal of frustration with permission "Contacts" in Android 6; see app's built-in FAQ.

This app is available EXCLUSIVELY from Play Store to protect Users from malicious app tampering.
App Settings:
◦ Screen Orientation: lock / unlock.
◦ Text Display: light text on dark background and dark text on light background.
◦ Text Size: User selectable font size, with presets, independent from the OS, from very small to very large.
◦ Supports Mobius-2 ActionCam, all firmware versions ever released.
◦ Supports Mobius ActionCam, all firmware versions ever released.
◦ Supports #16 camera, all firmware versions ever released since v0.41.
◦ Contextual Action Bar with Action Menu (Hand) and Save (Down Arrow).
◦ Colorful parameter modification indicators.
◦ User configurable ToolTips and feedback indicators.
◦ Load/Save camera configuration using direct communication with camera firmware via USB.
◦ Load default configuration (available for each firmware version).
◦ Reload current camera configuration.
◦ Up to 99 User Managed configurations (sometimes called profiles), independent from firmware versions.
◦ In-Camera SD Card formatting.
HD LiveView (Mobius and #16 only):
◦ Supports both the H.264 and MJPEG WebCam Codecs.
Play Video Settings:
▹ Full screen/windowed video display.
▹ Feedback On/Off.
▹ Frame Rate: select frame rate from 5fps to 30fps.
▹ Frame Size: select one of 9 possible frame sizes (H.264 Webcam Codec).
▹ Low Battery Level: set battery alarm threshold.
▹ Low Storage Level: set storage low space threshold.
▹ Photo Mode: Snap One, Burst 5, and SuperBurst (number of images = fps).
▹ Photo recording: jpg format.
▹ Video recording: avi format.
▹ Playback recorded videos.
▹ Storage Location: select internal or removable storage for video recordings and photo captures.
▹ View Mode: select front or rear view display.
Screen Gestures: (available any time video is displayed)
▹ Single-Tap: cycles through Display Modes;
▹ Double-Tap, Front-View.
▹ Double-Tap, Rear-View: Show/Hide GuideLines.
▹ Long-Press, Front-View: center image;
▹ Long-Press, Rear-View: enter/leave GuideLines calibration.
▹ Touch & Move: pan image in real-time, in all directions;
▹ Two-Finger Zooming: zoom-in/zoom-out image in real-time using two fingers.
LiveView Settings:
▹ 3D Time Sync
▹ PIP size
▹ Run a simulation/Set LiveView Mode
— Two-Cams
— Two-Cams 3D Anaglyph
— Two-Cams 3D Parallel/Cross-Eye
— Two-Cams 3D-HDTV Side-by-Side
— Two-Cams 3D-HDTV Top-and-Bottom
— Two-Cams Car
— Three-Cams
— Four-Cams
◦ On-line Support Requests where all information necessary to quickly identify problem is entered automatically.
◦ Extensive on-screen feedback and built-in documentation: FAQ, Help, Quick Guide, Troubleshooting Guide, and much more.
◦ Contextual Action Bars and floating Menus throughout the app: only selectable items are enabled/displayed based on context.
◦ Screen rotation available at all times, in all camera modes, except during video recording.

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