Moon (Phase) Tracker

Moon (Phase) Tracker


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ANNOUNCEMENT: Moon Tracker app is no longer being developed here. It has been integrated into Planetary Times: Astrology app. You can download it here:

Moon Tracker displays an icon (out of 8) corresponding to the current moon phase in the status bar and shows additional details (such as moon age, moon mansion/manzil/manazil/station [based on lunar age, not absolute moon position], moon illumination and Islamic/Hijri day) in the notification drawer. Additionally you may see moon data for any chosen date by running the application. Please note that this is not an astrology application.

This app also shows some 'Esoteric Associations' (symbolic zodiac position, chakra, manifestation (from Ibn Arabi's list of archetypes), tarot archetype) which are derived from moon phase, not moon's astronomical position.

Notice: In this software, Hijri date follows the true age of moon. Since it is not an approximated value as generally seen in other apps/institutions, it may differ (by 1 day) from other sources. Additionally, completion of the previous cycle is taken as the beginning of the next month; when it is still 'new moon', before the appearance of crescent.

IMPORTANT: a) For this software to work, either make sure you have Location Services enabled in device settings or use a pre-defined fake/mock location. If you don't have Google Location services installed on the device and you aren't using a mock location, you need to clean app data every time you move to another place so that app asks for your location again. b) Battery savers, memory boosters, task managers and cleanup stuff might interfere with this application. c) After some time, Android system may kill the service on its own. Restart device at least once a day to prevent status bar bugs.

If you have Google Location services installed on the device, your location data is periodically updated (via GSM, GPS or internet) as long as you are not in flight mode. If you have an active internet connection, altitude data is updated as well. Altitude is necessary for accurately determining local visible sunrise/sunset.

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