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Morse Code Intercom lets you communicate in Morse with other users on your WiFi network or The Internet, or use its Training Mode to learn Morse or improve your Morse skills.

Morse Intercom starts in Intercom Mode. Just like 'real' Morse, anyone listening to the channel you transmit on will hear your transmissions, but you can restrict who hears you.

Morse Intercom can be switched into its alternate Training Mode with a couple of button taps. Although developed as a 'traditional' trainer based on repetition (which is the method I prefer), it's easy to configure the app as a Koch trainer. Just store your current record of learnt characters at the end of a training session, and they will be recalled when you next run the app. Additionally Farnsworth delays can be inserted between characters sent to you in training mode. Another training option sends you headlines in Morse obtained from an RSS newsfeed. Tapping the 'Show Story' button displays the full story behind the headline in your browser.

To protect your privacy only essential permissions (Internet, and prevent device sleeping) are requested. I don't want your contacts, photos etc ...


Your Android device becomes a Morse transceiver that you can use sitting on the beach or even in the bath (if your Android device is waterproof)! Your device behaves just like a regular transceiver. Anything you transmit on a particular channel will be heard by all users listening on that channel, and you will hear a response sent by any user transmitting on that channel.

Unlike a regular transceiver, you can restrict who hears your transmissions to a single user, or to a small net of users. See in-app help for details.


In training mode you can add Farnsworth delays between received characters, and you can reduce unpleasant audio clipping by adding a slow decay to zero volume to the end of received dots and dashes. Training options currently available:

i) Local:
Your device randomly sends you 5 character groups. You can define which characters can be generated (including ITU recognised punctuation characters), and the relative frequency with which they will be generated. By default, only alphabetics and numerals are generated and alphabetics are generated 5 times as often as numerals.

ii) Newsfeed:
Training messages are sent to you from a BBC newsfeed. Learn Morse and stay updated with the latest news at the same time! Tap 'Show Story' and the entire story will be displayed in your browser.

iii) Remote
Receive training messages from other app users connected in Intercom Mode. You will probably want to restrict who can send you messages (see in-app help for how to do this).

WiFi vs Internet Startup:
When you start the app you will be asked to 'Set Startup Mode For Morse Intercom'. Start in Internet mode if you intend to use Intercom mode and you want external servers to link you to other Intercom users anywhere on The Internet NOT connected to your WiFi network. If all users you want to communicate with are connected to your WiFi network you don't need the assistance of these servers, and should probably start in WiFi mode. WiFi mode is great for family or radio club Intercom use.

If you intend to use Training mode, almost always you should start in WiFi mode. Even newsfeed reception works in WiFi mode. The one exception is if you want to receive training messages from an Intercom user NOT connected to your WiFi network.

A web version of the app can be found at (your browser must support Flash). On this page there is a link to download a desktop installable version (Windows/Mac). Android/web/desktop versions can all work togrther.

If you like Morse Code Intercom please rate it in the PlayStore.

If you don't like Morse Code Intercom please tell me why by emailing .

Morse Code Intercom is free, doesn't send you adverts, and doesn't collect information about you.

73 de Graham
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