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What is Mobileuncle MTK Tools?
Mobileuncle MTK Tools is a Powerful App for Mediatek Smartphones which allows you to perform various development activities with your device. Basically its a must have App for Mediatek Smartphone users. This App is made by a Chinese developer, njava which allows you to perform following activities through Root access:

1. Displays device info – Information of device and running status
2. Ametike engineering mode app for samsung– Modify engineering apps IMEI Test Tools Parameter adjust Tools
3. Apps Info – Apps Info with Installation date & vendor name.
4. Backup & Restore IMEI for MTK mobile
5. Recovery update – Flash Recovery
6. Update Tool – Easy update tool via sdcard
7. Crack operator GPRS lock for MTK – Free the ametike engineering mode 4g network access limited via GPRS
8. Power GPS search imei number changer software – Power the GPS Search Satellite ability.
9. AppsToSD – Select the default installation location for App.
10. Enable AP – Enable Mobile mtk chipset Wireless AP Function
11. Boot into Recovery mode, Bootloader, Reboot & Shutdown in one click.
12. Easy reboot to recovery

Engineer Mode
If you don’t know much about Hardware engineering mode for samsung functionality of Android, I would strongly suggest you to keep your hands away from this option. In mtk engineering mode mtk engineering mode, we have 4 qualcomm snapdragon engineering mode Options:

• Phone Information: Your Sim card’s info, you can turn qualcomm engineering mode Radio on/off, Run Ping test and much more
• Battery Information: Well, this option cortex engineering mode application doesn’t allows you to tweak anything, but it shows the battery device id imei changer xposed info like mtk engineering mode 3g to 4g Temperature, Battery Voltage, Device uptime, Battery health etc.
• Sound Output: It allows you to mtk engineering mode start change Sound Intensity of your device.
• Usage statistics: It states the Apps usage statistics i.e App name engineering mode for htc, Last time used & Usage uptime mtk droid tools
• Wi-Fi Information: It has 3 other Sub-options:

a. Wi-Fi API – Allows to disconnect network, get Connect snapdragon engineering mode info like IP Address, Gateway & Bandwidth capability.
b. Wi-Fi config – It Shows your device’s imei changer for dual sim behavior engineering mode mtk shortcut like Auto-connect duration, Auto-close in Idle state for long time in Wi-Fi network.
c. Wi-Fi Status – It shows everything related to the connection imei changer without root between device & Router. Also the MAC-ID of the router. You can also run a mtk app
Backup & Restore IMEI for MTK mobile
This is one of the most Important and useful feature of Mobileuncle MTK Tools. Most of the people don’t know what’s IMEI No., IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15- or 17-digit code that mtk engineering mode 4g lte uniquely identifies mobile phone sets. The IMEI code can enable a new engineering mode apk GSM network to prevent a misplaced engineering mode for qualcomm or stolen imei changer pro free phone from mtk imei, if you lose your device’s IMEI no, you won’t be able to use your mobile uncle tools Telecom services like making calls mtk engineering mode for micromax, mtk mode sending messages. Most of the time, after installing any Custom ROMs kmt engineering mode or Recovery you might loose your IMEI no. which would mess up everything. We have written a detailed guide about, How to Backup/Restore IMEI No. in Mediatek devices. You can refer imei changer root
Crack operator GPRS lock for MTK
If you facing sudden drop in your Internet speed or frequent Network drop while using Internet, then this option could be a life saver. If you facing spikes in Network like sometimes it is 1-2Mbps & sometimes it is below 100kbps, mtk engineering mode for lollipop android 5.0 then select mtk engineering mode for samsung this option and follow the onscreen mtk setting notifications.
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