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MultiLanguage Of Pixel Dungeon


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#Description :

MultiLanguage Of Pixel Dungeon is an exciting and extremely popular roguelike , collect useful items and fight fierce monsters to find the Amulet of Yendor (surprise!) - the ultimate artefact of this game world!

Are you prepared to discover this very easy to play yet difficult to master dungeon crawler?

* Took 6 months to develop, but it’ll take you far,
* far longer to complete – with a difficulty level inspired by the Souls series of games,
* the game also uses the 2D action platforming ,
* used to navigate a sadistic,
* randomly-generated dungeon.
* It’s frustrating as all hell when you first boot it up,
* but as you learn the intricacies and the pixel-perfect commands,

* Multilingual support for the game 13 Lauguage inside , Allowing players from all over the world can better enjoy the game.


- High replay ability: Randomly generated levels, enemies, and items. No two games are the same!
- 6 hero classes: Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Huntress. Each hero has a unique playstyle.
- 15 sub classes: Successful heroes can refine their skills to become more powerful.
- 9+ distinct dungeon regions: each with their own enemies, traps, and quests.
- Over 170 different items: including powerful wands, rings, weapons, and armor.
- 70+ different enemies, 30 different traps, and 5 bosses to test your skills.
- Unique artifacts, which grow in power as you use them.
and more..
It's 100% free game, micro transactions, or paywalls. An optional donation to support the game unlocks a couple of fun extras, but these are entirely cosmetic and do not affect game play.

This Project was developed to provide players with best experience ,

This is Open Source game based on famous Game and Developed by improve the code and fixing most bug's by users , the game is very stable in almost android device , Minimization high consummation of resource ....
Hope Enjoy the version :) Keep us in touch to put new character and new levels :)

License information can be found here:

Our source code can be found here:

The original game can be found here:
The original source code can be found here:

It's open source
The Source Code Of The Game Is Available At GitHub . ""
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