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MultiPresenter is an application software which enables you to display photos and documents on the receiving devices (MultiPresenter stick and projectors) via wired or wireless LAN from Android tablet/phone.
You can find user manuals on the MultiPresenter official website.

Main Features
Media files such as photo and document can be transmitted to the receiving devices (MultiPresenter stick, projectors).

Camera image taken by the built-in camera can be transmitted to the receiving devices (MultiPresenter stick, projectors).

Web page can be transmitted to the receiving devices (MultiPresenter stick, projectors).

・Mirroring display (for Android only)
Application can transmit the screen displayed on each device to the receiving devices (MultiPresenter stick, projectors).

・Marker function
You can write lines and texts onto the images and documents that are displayed by this application.

・Pointer function
The pointer can be displayed at a location where you want to draw attention to.

・Multi-screen display
Images transmitted from multiple terminals can be received and displayed by a single receiving device.

・Simultaneous Display onto multiple receiving devices
Images can be transmitted and displayed onto multiple receiving devices.

・Projector control function
This app can control the connected projector.
Switching input signal, Picture-Mute, Sound-Mute, etc. are available.

Supported Products
MultiPresenter Stick
- DS1-MP10RX

Our projector supporting MultiPresenter:
- NP-UM352W
- NP-UM351W/NP-UM301W/NP-UM361X/NP-UM301X (Firmware Version 1.02 or later)
- NP-P502HL-2/NP-P502WL-2
- NP-P502HL/NP-P502WL
- NP-P502H/NP-P452H/NP-P502W/NP-P452W
- NP-M403W/NP-M363W/NP-M323W
- NP-M403X/NP-M363X/NP-M323X/NP-M283X
- NP-M353WS/NP-M303WS/NP-M333XS
- NP-M403H/NP-M323H

Supported Projectors:
- NP-M402H/NP-M322H
- NP-M402W/NP-M362W/NP-M322W/NP-M402X/NP-M362X/NP-M322X/NP-M282X
- NP-M332XS/NP-M352WS/NP-M302WS
- NP-M361X/NP-M311X/NP-M271X/NP-M311W/NP-M271W
- NP-M350X/NP-M300X/NP-M260X/NP-M230X/NP-M300W/NP-M260W
- NP-M350XS/NP-M300XS/NP-M260XS/NP-M300WS/NP-M260WS/NP-M420X/NP-M420XV
- NP-UM351W/NP-UM301W/NP-UM361X/NP-UM301X (Firmware Version : 1.01 or earlier)
- NP-UM330X/NP-UM280X/NP-UM330W/NP-UM280W
- NP-P501X/NP-P451X/NP-P451W/NP-P401W
- NP-P420X/NP-P350X/NP-P350W
- NP-PA621U/NP-PA521U/NP-PA671W/NP-PA571W/NP-PA721X/NP-PA621X
- NP-PA600X/NP-PA500X/NP-PA550W/NP-PA500W

Supported Languages
English / Japanese / Simplified Chinese / German / French / Italian / Spanish / Swedish / Russian / Korean / Portuguese

File formats that can be displayed
Supporting PDF1.7 (compatible with Arobat 8) or later
JPEG (.jpg / .jpeg)
PNG (.png)
GIF (.gif)
Bitmap (.bmp)
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