My Stay

My Stay


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Complete your hotel stay with information at your fingertips. Your complete companion for hotels with SELECTV system.

My Stay allows you to
· Control your in-room TV- navigate, browse TV channels
· Watch trailers of all available in-room movies
· Discover available promotions and latest happenings in your hotel
· Keep track of your hotel bill
· View room service menu
· Check out all the restaurants and outlets in your hotel
· Explore all available services in your hotel – airport transfer, childcare, laundry
· Redeem discounts and enjoy promotions with in app vouchers codes
· Read messages sent to your room, on-the-go
· Track your location and check out nearby attractions with real time map
· Stay up to date with currency rates
· In case it slips your mind, view your room number and hotel address

Installation & Set Up:
(If you’re not connected to the hotel’s wifi, all information is solely for display purpose.)
1. Ensure that you’re connected to the hotel’s wifi. (Only for hotels with SELECTV system)
2. Sign in with your Room Number and Access Code from the TV screen.
3. Select the device with your room number.
4. You’re now connected with My Stay.
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