My Superior Mate

My Superior Mate


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MSM is one of the numerous revolutions (Musical Revolution, Education Revolution, Spiritual Revolution, Parenting Revolution) affiliated to Rise Of A Superior Society.

MSM addresses the biggest issue of dating that men & women have suffered from for thousands of years – ‘Looks & Money’.

#Ultimate Objective is to help men & women find their mates based on THEIR INTEREST. Looks/Photos are secondary parameters to find matches.

#To push people into practicing Superiority, exploring their interests, following their passion, dreaming big and hence improving their SUPERIORITY SCORE.

#There’s a provision of FACEBOOK Profile to push people into keeping an appealing and organized Facebook Profile.

#There’s a provision of YouTube Channel. I strongly recommend each Man & Woman to create a YouTube Channel & post videos of their Superior Activities. Initially, it may be difficult to list down Superior Attributes and shoot their videos BUT! I WILL TEACH THAT. At worst, one can still keep a channel including only a playlist of their liked/favorite/recommended videos. This will help their Superior Mate to get to know them better before initiating a conversation or a meeting.

#There’s a provision of Blog as well. I, again, strongly recommend each Man & Woman to create a Blog and start writing anything.. just anything about your childhood/parents/past-relationships/religious-views/political-views/travel/friends/music/movies/books… the bloody list is endless. How to start a blog? – I WILL TEACH THAT.

#Having a mate is a Mandatory Evolutionary Need. If you’re single and want to be on my app ‘Only To Make Friends’ then I’m afraid that’s not the right place. A single man must be looking for a superior girlfriend. A single woman must be looking for a superior man.

#It is mandatory to disclose the relationship status. A Man/Woman while being in a monogamous relationship (having One GF/BF) may still look for more mates. And that’s absolutely prideful thing. Humans are polygamous for evolutionary reasons. However, polygamy must take place with ABSOLUTELY INTEGRITY, HONESTY & TRANSPARENCY.
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