Nail designs step by step

Nail designs step by step


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If you are looking for easy and beautiful designs for your nails found the perfect application of nail decorations simple, beautiful, simple and original models that you can do in your hands and feet, you will look great. Give a new and modern style to your nails with different styles of decoration for each occasion.

This application has several images of different types of nail designs. Displays multiple images with multiple layouts in the gallery list that can be viewed by using single-turn and forward buttons. It contains creative ideas as well as fashion news / trends related to nail pictures nail designs that you like. Although the application is all about nail designs, but it does not contain any kind of tutorials or learning material.
You can download the application with a simple click, since it is free of cost. Shows many ads related to nails that can benefit. This application nail designs is very easy to use because it has a simple interface.

You will find in the app different easy nail decorations like: flowers, drawings and the ones that are in fashion.
They are different models of nails for each occasion with which you can vary all styles and you can learn how to decorate nails yourself with easy styles without having to go to a beauty salon.

There are nail decorations like:
Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Gold, Orange, Silver, Red, Pink, Green, Violet, coffee, matte colors.

You can also find nail decoration like:
Nails of Colors, Hearts, Drawings, Flowers, Hello Kitty, Ties, French Manicure, Colors, Butterflies, 3D Nails, Animals, Zebra, Leopard, Wedding Nails for Weddings, Halloween Nails, Christmas Nails, Animal print, mandalas, on ribbons,

In this app you will find all kinds of decoration styles for your long or short nails with different styles like: acrylic nails, gel nails, nails with ribbons, permanent nails, nail seals, false nails, nail models, sculpted nails, nails Gel, permanent nails and many more styles for your nails.

There are different decorations for every occasion such as: Halloween nails, wedding nails, quince nails, night nails, nails for day, nails for parties, nails for Christmas, for birthdays and many more designs for special occasions.

Look for a way to style your appearance A creative nail design can complement your outfit for a special event or a touch unique to your daily appearance.

With this application you can make easy designs for your nails in the comfort of your home without having to pay professionals to do so. Is easy to do and with a great variety of designs that you will find in this app and you will find it fun to make a new design.

In this app you can also find tricks to have your nails as beautiful as ever: hydrating your nails, how to make them grow and keep them healthy, brittle and fragile nails, to keep your cuticle healthy, proper use to cut, how to treat infections in Nails, such as nail polish, home remedies to strengthen nails, moisture protection.

There are different tricks that you can use for the daily care of your nails as: Well clean hands For the final result to be perfect, make sure that your hands are clean and dry before painting the nails, Remove cuticles do not cut, In a single direction, Use a transparent base or a white enamel coating, Vaseline or glue to avoid painting outside the nail, After painting the nails, getting your hands in cold water helps them to dry faster. Never do anything with hot water after fixing your hands: do not scrub or shower ... as the hot water dilates the nail and behind it will the enamel that will then be completely cracked.
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