Naked Snails - Shell Crush

Naked Snails - Shell Crush


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Naked Snails! The super funky, addictive, and fabulously fun slashing game, testing your speed, agility, and ability to slice!
Use your fingers to crush the snail’s shells, and leave them naked!
Be cautious of the blasting bombs, and keep an eye on the time.
This exciting game will sure keep you on your toes...or fingers rather!
Slice your way to the highest score on our world leaderboard, and compete with other Naked Snail players!
Seek your snail destiny by playing and unlocking all the hilariously fun, and silly characters!
Welcome to Naked Snails, let the slicing commence!

Meet the naked snails, and unlock them all!
◉ Cranky Alex - A glum looking fella, with a hidden agenda! Don’t worry about his cranky smile, there’s more to this snail than meets the eye.
◉ Johnny - Curious, and mysterious Johny has focus and has a whole map of intelligence curled inside his shell! Agile, and courageous, he could be the snail for you!
◉ Marilyn - Meet Marilyn, she’s all about the glam life with her perfect pout, and hollywood hair. When it get’s down to it, she’s ready for a challenge!
◉ Steve - Steve is calm and collected, a true bookworm at heart, but in a snail's body.
◉ Sherlock - With a keen eye, and a fine disguise, you may not see him, but he can see you. Great at solving clues, he may just be the snail for you!
◉ Joker - Everyone loves a clown, or do they?! Joker is a kind clown, with a cute flower on his hat. Making jokes is not his thing, but he can be super fast!
◉ Elvis - Uh huh, Elvis is in the virtual building. With his rock n’ roll style, and funky afro hair, this snail is definitely ready for the disco!
◉ Bob - No doubt a chilled out hippie dude, with a passion for peace, love, and keeping his pristine dreads intact! Meet Bob the rasta!
◉ Kim - Prim and proper Kim is beautiful and stylish. Admirable for her special assets and snail-ish good looks! She’s not the brightest of them all, but definitely a worthy defence!
◉ Jack - Set sail with Jack the pirate! A snail with adventure and a pretty swanky eye patch! Ahoy matey!
◉ Chuck Lee - Speedy, super-sonic, and quick on the mark, he does not get left behind. You do not choose Chuck Lee, you become chosen by Chuck Lee! Hiiyah!
◉ Rotty - The lime green slime machine! This snail is not a favorite for many, but certainly is a quirky fun character who’s ready to get down and dirty-er.
◉ Gaga - A little gaga, but a super original, and funky snail. The craziness is the best of her, just don’t let the paparazzi get too close.
◉ Michael - Superstar snail Michael is on the dancefloor! Thrilling you with his moonwalking, and dancing with no limitations. He’s a smooth criminal!
◉ Sia - Jumping, and swinging on chandeliers is not all she does, those swinging skills no doubt come in handy with this bizarre snail!

All characters in Naked Snails are fictional, and any similarities with real people are completely coincidental.
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    2017-10-12 06:36:11

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    Frogsy Ltd

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    Android 2.3+

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