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Managing your patient's electrolytes and Acid-Base disorders has never been easier than it is now with Nephrology Assisstant Free on your Mobile phone or tablet.
1-Calculate Creatinine clearance.
2-Calculate expected time of elective dialysis.
3-Hypernatremia Or Hyponatremia treatment ,with hourly rate of correction as never been give by any other calculators,with different options for rate of correction and type of fluid used.
4-ABG ANALYSIS gives you detailed analysis of your patient's ABG ,as regard oxygenation and acid-base disorders,helping you formulate sound Diagnosis and better management plan.
5-Clear instruction for treatment of metabolic acidosis,well tested by the developer on real patients with very good result,all built on well-known scientific equations.
6-Moreover,you can with the function of"EEXPECTED PH" given as part of ABG analysis,determine if there is error from your ABG machine,in case your patient's "EEXPECTED PH" does not coincide with PH given by ABG machine.
7--Still one good feature,is that of automatic detection of venous samples(VBG) and correction of PCO2 and PH values,appropriate for venous blood.
8-Salt-Loosing Nephropathy:Fluid: Replcement therapy
calculated as ML/hour of normal saline for keeping fluid balance exact,avoiding volume overload and dehydration as well as keeping serum sodium within normal limits as what is lost is accurately replaced.
9-Treatment of the following disorders :
A-Metabolic Acidosis
B-Metabolic Alkalosis.
C-Respiratory Alkalosis
D-Respiratory Acidosis
10-Chhosing Control Calcium/Phosphate/PTH
You will get clear advice on how to manage high,low or normal PTH
with its accompained calcium and phosphate changes
making special consideration to the patient past history of
secondary hyperparathyroidism or parathyroidectomy"
11-choosing (Correct low sodium with hyperglycemia)
you get true sodium level.
11-choosing (Correct low calcium with low album
you get true calcium level.
Best of luck and thanks.
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