New  Mohammad al-Salem in 2017

New Mohammad al-Salem in 2017


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Tbaiq Music Mohammed Salem 2017 application fabulous in every sense of the word because it contains all the songs Mohammad al-Salem and a beautiful Iraqi songs and mirth, music
Mohammad Salim Ibrahim Salem was born June 7, 1987 Iraqi bullish artist was born in Baghdad, Al-Mansour area. Work in the area of ​​awakening, located in Baghdad for a while and then became in 2009 the brightest star of Iraq thanks to the success of his song Habbab at the local level Iraqi and then spread to the song the heart of the heart of the famed and became famous throughout the Arab world and after a while the song reached the world for being the mix between words and local Iraqi tunes mixed between Arab and Western, although the song presented at the Iraqi satellite channels
And it is also known for his multi-Mohammad al-Salem Boloanh of songs such as Song and Song of Mars or the boy.
He was known different dialects and did not become a routine has a rich Egyptian dialect in the song Ointments Egyptian people and I was impressed.

- Chansons marocaines
- Aghani
- Cha3bi Mp3
- Aghani
- Aghani chaabia
- Aghani cha3biya
- Aghani cha3bi
- Mp3 cha3bi
- Arani maroc
- Ch3bi mp3
The application also is marked by the following:
Habayta breaks
Khan Khan
That from that
To see Landman
_kala Patience
Net Ealbn
Maggette's Nest
Yes, you - Expire
Egyptian meze
Zero seven - 0 7
I think I must
I want Aslam
My oldest
sob out
Raised him
If you Lemme
I Mahb Al Khareis
As long as
Ha or boy
Indication - with Fayez Al-Saeed
You tighten

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Ultimately, we hope you dear friends application giving him a five-star assessment and what not comment Froakm also concerns us greatly for the application and continue the development of constant renewal, God willing.
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