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Next PUZZLE is a carefully designed game that brings the most challenge out of the simplest rules possible.

What is the game?

You have a 5x7 board of tiles that each hold a numerical value. At the start of any game, the value of every tile will be 2. You have to move around values to reach a certain goal for each column. To move values around you tap on a tile and then tap on another nearby tile and then half of the value of the first tile will be transferred to the second tile.

What are the rules?

First, you cannot transfer values from tiles with odd values. You must always make them even before moving anything. Second, your goal will always be to get the sum of all the tiles in a column to be equal to some number specified under that column. At the start of every game, the initial goal of every column is 8. This means that by moving numbers from a column to another you have to make that column's sum be equal to 8. When you reach a goal, the value of the goal will be doubled. For example, when you get the sum of a column to be 8, your next goal will be 16, then 32 and so on. You will be rewarded every time you reach a goal with more numbers to move around. Reaching a goal will earn you points.

How can I lose?

If you play any of the time modes you will lose when your time runs out. But in any mode you will lose if you make the sum of the values of a column to be 1 more than the specified goal. For example. if your goal is 8 and you make the sum be 9 then you will lose. If your goal is 16 and you make it 17 then you will lose and so on.

What modes are there?

There are 3 time modes: 1 minute mode, 5 minutes mode and 10 minutes mode. These are meant to be played after you have a strong understanding of the game mechanic and hopefully also have memorized some good moves to move your score up fast because if you think for too long then you will waste time.

There is also an 'infinite' mode. Here you have no time restraints and thus can only lose by making the value of the column be one more than the goal. You should practice in this mode as you are not in a hurry and you will take some time to truly master the mechanic so I recommend spending some meaningful time practicing here. In this mode you can save your progress and always keep a file to load so that you can continue earning more and more points without limits (unless you lose).

You got it?
Perfect, then go right in. You will find the game to be truly challenging and stimulating as not only will you be trying to optimize your play style but also you will have to do a lot of calculations in your mind to make sure that after the next move you won't lose.

You are still a little bit confused?
That is fine. I would recommend to jump right in to infinite mode and start testing the game. After a few loses you will understand the rules easily. To aid you, below every column is a fraction that shows the sum of the numbers of the column over the goal of that column.

Play Next PUZZLE now for free!

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