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Noteably lets you store your notes in your personal Google Drive™. Your notes are fully encrypted on your devices and saved in your private cloud, so that nobody else can access them. Noteably has multi-device support, so you don’t have to miss any feature just because you want to take care of your data.

Noteably is more than just a note-taking app:
- Add beautiful covers and colorful background colors to enrich your notes.
- No Hands free? Speak your note and Noteably will write it down for you.
- Set a due date for your note and let Noteably remind you when it is time.
- You can add to your notes as many labels as you want.
- On a train or an airplane? Add and edit notes without an internet connection.

Noteably was developed by a small team in Hamburg with ♥.

Noteably is at its beginning. Support us by sending us feedback, feature requests and by rating Noteably. Noteably uses Google Drive™ to store your notes. For that reason Noteably asks you to sign in with your Google account and grant it the permission to access Google Drive™. Noteably uses the Appfolder provided by Google Drive™, so it has no direct access to your files which are stored in your Google Drive™. You can find out more here:

** Noteably relies on the background synchronization of Google Drive™ to share your notes with your different devices. This sometimes may take some time and should be improved in the future version of Google Drive™. **

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