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Number Connect +


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Number Connect + is logic puzzle with simple rules. Your aim is to fill in the missing numbers, in squential order, going horizontally or vertically or diagonally.

**** Number Connect + features ****

# Content
- 5 difficulty levels

# Features
- Completely Free!
- "Check" function can highlight wrong numbers
- Auto-save the process of unfinished levels
- Try to complete as many levels as possible

In Number Connect +, a grid of cells is given. It is square-shaped, like Sudoku or Kakuro. The goal is to fill the grid with a series of consecutive numbers adjacent to each other vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

In every puzzle some numbers are given on the grid. They help to direct the player how to start the solution and to ensure that each puzzle has a single solution. Every well-formed puzzle is supposed to have a unique solution. Moreover, a puzzle intended for human solvers should have a soltion that can be found by simple logic. However, there exists very hard puzzles, even of small size.

Although Number Connect + is built on numbers, it is not a game that requires math skills. Explore the different sweet flavors of puzzles of Number Connect +.

This game is for players of all ages. If you love other number puzzles, and want something different to relax with, try this today.

Solving techniques

As in many logic puzzles, the basic resolution technique consists of analyzing the possibilities for each number of being present in each cell. When a cell can contain only one number (Naked Single) or when a number has only one possible place (Hidden Single), it can be asserted as belonging to the solution.

One key to the solution is, it does not have to be built in ascending (or descending) order; it can be built piecewise, with pieces starting from different givens.

As in the Sudoku case, the resolution of harder puzzles requires the use of more complex techniques - in particular of various types of chain patterns.

More descriptions and explanations are available in the game.

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    2017-02-05 05:34:24

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