Nutritional Values

Nutritional Values


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Find all the nutritional information about any food! With Nutritional Values, you can take care of your diet or learn trivia about food. This application is also used as an educational tool.

✓ Reliable data, based on the latest study of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), release 26: the most thorough study about food nutrients.
✓ Configurable amounts: choose the quantity of every food to check its nutritional facts. Customizable gram by gram.
✓ Multilingual: Although the original language of the study is English, we’ve translated the interface and part of the database to 6 different languages to achieve a simple and friendly handling. The available languages ATM are: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Portuguese.
✓ Thorough data: Access to more than 40 types of nutrient for every single food in database. From carbs and fats to vitamins and rare minerals.
✓ Custom search and filtering: Looking for foods rich in a particular nutrient? With this app you can sort all foods from higher to lower source of the selected nutrient.
✓ Calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate using the Harris-Benedict equation

Permissions required:
- Contacts: In order to verify you're a legitimate user and not a robot trying to exploit and damage our service, we require this permission to retrieve the phone's active account email. This way we can generate a token, establishing a safe connection to our server. Your emails will NOT be stored or used furtherly under any circumstance.

This app requires internet connection. Why?
✓ To keep the database updated in all languages without the need of update the app with every single change in the database.
✓ The whole database is stored into our server, making the app 6 times lighter. Less than 6 Mb of memory are required to install the app.

Note: Despite that the app requires internet connection, we’ve optimized the searches and connections with our server to keep the data transfer as minimal as possible while using the app. Each search consumes a maximum of 15 Kb of data!

For support or troubleshooting, please, contact us at (Only English and Spanish languages are supported).

Thanks to:
Quality Control / Nutrition counseling
- Paula A. Pellicer Castillo
Interface translations
- Fátima Haddaoui López / Ester Caballero Chamorro (German)
- Ádria Azevedo de Oliveira (Portuguese and Italian)
- Patricia López Villalón (French)
Front-end & back-end code review
- Javier Caballero Chamorro
Beta testing
- Patricia López Villalón
- Javier Caballero Chamorro
- Ángela Ortega Hernáez
- Pablo Nieto Jiménez

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