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Ocean Sounds Free Ringtones


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Download “Ocean Sounds Free Ringtones”, set your new ringtones, sit back and relax – finally you've got the most beautiful soothing ocean sounds for Android™! These ''free relaxing ringtones'' include a collection of different ''ocean waves sounds'': ocean tide lapping on the shore, ''birds sounds'', flowing water, ''ocean rain sounds'' etc.
''Download ringtones for free'', listen to all of them and choose your favorites; then, set them as your ring tones for incoming calls, sms messages, e-mail or chat notifications etc. These beautiful ''relaxing sounds'' will make you feel calm and relaxed. You can use them for meditation or for yoga workouts. Assign these ''free ringtones'' for cellphones to your contacts and imagine you're sitting by the ocean and sunbathing, enjoying yourself. The relaxing music of ocean waves and birds chirping will help you shake off the stress.
* This app includes some of the best “ocean ringtones” for Android™!
* High quality message tones, “ring tones” and melodies for your mobile phone;
* Includes different tunes: relaxing music tones, ''ocean wave'' noise, ''nature sounds'', ''meditation sounds'', “birds singing”, seagulls and waves, ''water ringtones'' etc.
* Easy to use interface: just tap once to preview the “relaxing sound” and hold to set it;
* Set as a ringtone, SMS notification alert, alarm tone or assign it to specific contacts;
* Completely “free relaxing music”; this is the full version;
* Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices;
* Ocean Sounds Free Ringtones will turn your phone into a “wave sounds machine”!
Assign these awesome ringtones to your contacts and enjoy listening to "top 2015 ringtones" when someone's ringing you – this app offers you the greatest collection of free ringtones, ''ocean music'', sms alerts and alarm clock melodies. Want to relax your mind? Wish to fall asleep like a baby? You need music for meditation, therapy or yoga classes? Ocean Sounds Free Ringtones is just what you need! People use ocean waves relaxation techniques in fighting against various diseases: rain forest tones are helpful in the cardiac health treatments whereas birds tweeting can cure depression; the sounds of waves on the beach improve the general well-being, and sea sounds may be used for a headache therapy; waterfall and ocean rain tones help with anger and high-blood pressure whilst all water & rain sounds and ''birds songs'' are used in insomnia therapy, pain and stress management as well as for general immune system support.
Be among the first to have the “best sms ringtones” and improve your spiritual and mental health with these “free mp3 music” tones – your friends will love them, as well! This amusing free application offers you a tremendous selection of ocean ring tones! Become the coolest person around and go trendy with your “best soundboard app”! Get ready for a high-quality music attack - choose from a variety of free mp3 ring tones – this cool app will make your Android™ phone totally unique. Take this chance and turn your smartphone into an awesome soundboard.
*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
*Music ringtones used in this free ringtone app are original. Ringtones and Sounds Team is the original author of these ringtones.
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