Oil Painting Ideas

Oil Painting Ideas


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Painting is a work of art which the process of making is done by varying the color, with the depth of the color "pigment" in the solvent (or medium) and the gluing gene (glue) for water diluent, the gene of the form of linen oil for oil paint with terpenthin diluent, Buffer) such as paper, canvas, or wall. This is done by a painter; With the depth of color and taste of the painter, this definition is used especially if it is the creator of a painting.
Humans have been painting for 6 times longer than the use of writing. For example the paintings that reside in the caves where human prehistoric lives. The word painting means painting the next picture in this article.
More specifically, this article is about painting on the surface for art reasons.

The oldest paintings are at Chauvet Grotte in France, claimed by some historians from about 32,000 years ago. The painting was carved and painted using red ocher and black pigments and the appearance of horses, rhinos, lions, buffalo, giants, abstract designs and a kind of human figure may be partial. But the earliest evidence of painting creation has been found in two stone shelters at Arnhem Land, in northern Australia. In the lowest layer of material on this site no used ocher pieces are estimated to be 60,000 years old. Archaeologists have also discovered a fragment of stone paintings preserved in limestone stone-shelter in the North Kimberley region of Western Australia, which dates 40 000 years [2]. There are examples of cave paintings around the world-in India, France, Spain, Portugal, China, Australia, etc.

Oil paint is a paint consisting of color pigment particles bonded with a pigment-colored oil binder oil, linen oil can also with papaver oil in pasta form, while to dilute paint consisting of the most important mixture with linen oil.
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