Orthopedic Surgery Live Videos

Orthopedic Surgery Live Videos


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Orthopedic Surgery Live Videos

This App comes with 100s of live videos showing different kinds of orthopedic surgeries and lectures

Videos showing Clinical studies and experimental research in orthopedic surgery and related disciplines, including clinical orthopedics, traumatology, implant design, orthopedics research, pediatric orthopedics, rehabilitation, sports medicine and tissue engineering

The videos on this App include: What's New in Knee Replacement Surgery, Posterior Revision Decompression and Lumbar Fusion Surgery of the Spin, LIVE: Total Hip Replacement Surgery, Ankle Surgery and Recovery, Clavicle Fracture Collar Bone Surgery, Canine ACL Tears and TPLO Surgery, ORIF Bimalleolar Ankle Fracture Surgery, Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery, MCL Reconstruction Surgery, Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery, Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery Labral Repair, Bankart Lesion and Repair Surgery, Knee Surgery - Microfracture Surgery (Drilling of the Cartilage Defect), What to Expect After Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery, Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Meniscus Tear, Elbow Ulnar Collateral Ligament (Tommy John) Surgery, Infant Finger Separation Surgery, Shoulder Surgery Humerus Fracture Repair, TFCC Tear Repair Surgery Distal Radial Ulnar Joint, 3D MicroHip - Total Hip Joint Replacement Surgery (THR), Intramedullary Rod Femur Surgery, What to Expect After Carpal Tunnel Surgery, Plantar fasciitis minimally invasive surgery, Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery, Understanding the new partial knee-replacement surgery, Subchondroplasty - Innovative Knee Surgery, Posterior Revision Decompression and Lumbar Fusion Surgery of the Spine, Femoral neck (hip) fracture surgery with cannulated screws, ORIF Intra-Articular Radial Head Fracture Surgery, Hamstring Autograft Technique for ACL Reconstruction Surgery, Miniamlly Invasive Spine Herniated Disk Surgery, Wrist Orthopedic Surgery Rehabilitation, Cervical Decompression Surgery, Stretching Exercises After Shoulder Surgery, Reverse shoulder arthroplasty for excentred arthritis, Endoscopic Cubital Tunnel Release Surgery, Elbow surgery Total Elbow Arthroplasty Rheumatoid and lots more videos

Arthroscopic procedures, which reduce healing times because cameras are used to minimize cutting
Fusions to create a more stable joint
Internal fixations, as in holding together a broken joint temporarily with pins and screws
Joint replacements that are either partial, total or a revision of a previous surgery
Repair of soft tissue, such as torn ligaments or tendons

Get this App and watch videos showing the orthopedic surgeries by experts from all over the world and lectures
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