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◇◇You can enjoy the prologue and first chapter of each character’s route for free! ◇◇
◇◇ “Stepbrother Scramble” is a stepbrother × romance App Drama that paints the story of love and bonds created with your younger step brothers!!◇◇
◇◇You are the heroine! You take on the role of the heroine and experience a romance with your younger stepbrothers!◇◇

“You see, honey…I’m planning on getting remarried.”
Your mother suddenly announces her intentions to get remarried.
Your parents got married when you very young, so you took on all the household chores while your mother worked fulltime. You felt lonely at times, but you lived a good life. However, one day your mother tells you she’s getting remarried soon, and that the man she is going to marry has four sons who are all younger than you. Things progress faster than you have time to think, and you find yourself living in your stepfather’s home. To make matters worse, your mom and stepfather leave you with your new stepbrothers for an overseas business trip, leaving the rest of the family in confusion! What’s going to happen while you live with your highly individualistic younger stepbrothers?!

◆【Soothing and Gentle Oldest Son】 Itsuki Ousaka
Height: 174cm Age: 19
“Ahaha, I think you’ll have it rough being stuck with just us brothers, but…I hope we can get along.”
Itsuki is a first year university student aiming to become a pediatrician.
He has a calm demeanor and is kind with a big heart.
He looks after his brothers like a mother, and has their utmost respect and trust.
He happily accepted his father’s remarriage.

◆【Rambunctious Second Son with a Hot-Cold Personality】 Akane Ousaka
Height: 177cm Age: 17
“I won’t accept this marriage!”
Akane is usually crabby and foul-mouthed.
He often complains about his brothers’ wild behavior because he cares a lot for them and looks after them the most. He’s a skilled cook.
He’s repulsed by women due to what his biological mother did, and tends to be a sexist.
He’s against the remarriage and blames it on his father’s selfishness.

◆【Cool Third Son who Does Things at his Own Pace】 Izumi Ousaka
Height: 159cm Age: 14
“Good grief…they’re noisy. I apologize for my loud brothers.”
Izumi is oddly calm for his age and ignores the things his brothers’ make a commotion over.
He’s generally quiet, and the few times he says something it’s cruel.
He’s surprisingly sensitive and stopped going to school because kids bullied him for only having one parent. He was, of course, against the annoyance brought on by a remarriage.

◆【Innocent and Spoiled Fourth Son】 Hikaru Ousaka
Height: 145cm Age: 11
“You know, Hikaru always wanted an older sister! So I’m super happy!”
Hikaru the mood-maker among the brothers. He’s innocent and knows how to be spoiled.
He knows just how cute he is and uses that to his advantage.
He’s selfish and will break down crying if he doesn’t get his way, troubling others in the process.
He wanted an older sister long before the remarriage, so he happily accepted it.

You can choose from a variety of characters based on your preferences!
…Who will you fall in love with?
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