Outlander PHEV remote control

Outlander PHEV remote control


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Notice regarding third party's access to the Mitsubishi Remote Control on the Outlander PHEV (17th June 2016)

It has been confirmed that a third party has tried to decode the password used by the Wi-Fi connection for the Mitsubishi Remote Control on the Outlander PHEV in order to gain unauthorized access to various car functions such as deactivating the theft alarm, turning on/off headlights and/or air conditioner, as well as changing charging timer settings.

At present no incidents regarding unauthorized unlocking of doors, unauthorized control of power switch, or leak of personal information have been confirmed; however for the time being MMC recommends customers who are concerned to shut down the Mitsubishi Remote Control following the procedure under "Remove All Registered Devices."

MMC apologizes for concerns this may have caused. MMC is now studying methods to further enhance wireless connection security.


This App is applied to MITSUBISHI Remote Control only. MITSUBISHI Remote Control is possible to easily control various functions of OUTLANDER PHEV by Wireless LAN.

- OUTLANDER PHEV is necessary for using this App.
- This App is applied to OUTLANDER PHEV only.
- OUTLANDER PHEV communicates with Wireless LAN devices by this App. Baud rate and communication distance vary depending on radio wave, barrier object, and parking situations.
- This App requires Android 2.1.0 and subsequent OS version. (Not compatible with some models)

- Please choose the correct app to install in your vehicle.
* If you have a parking brake lever and 10 digits password, please use this App ("OUTLANDER PHEV").
* If you have a parking brake lever and 14 digits password, please use "OUTLANDER PHEV I" App. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inventec.iMobile1
* If you have a parking brake switch, please use "OUTLANDER PHEV II" App (has not released in some countries). https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inventec.iMobile2

- Please see the details below.

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