OutWar Zone Beta - GPS MMORTS

OutWar Zone Beta - GPS MMORTS


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Global real-time strategy on a real map of the Earth - GPS MMORTS. A new generation of game, will allow player to lead global world war, with maximum details, down to the street battles in real time. Play in conditions of augmented reality from the standpoint of reference of your main Hero to the real map using GPS coordinates mobile gadget and free movement of all your military equipment on the plane actual map of the Earth. Maintain an active lifestyle combining active lifestyle, even your business with pleasure. Walking in the park or right on city streets in real world with powerful protection of your Hero in virtual world in the same GPS location. Find best place on map to construct your primary military base. Provide strong defense. Collect resources, build military vehicles and attack the enemy's vast army. Capture the enemy base. Expand your colonies to get free additional resources and gold. Create a corporation with friends. Unify Corporation into Cartels to access extended game features! The winner will receive special awards, status and power in game world and special features in a new era of war. Play virtually - conquer real!
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