Parental Control by CALMEAN

Parental Control by CALMEAN


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Main parental control features:
block apps – gain the ability to block apps that should not be accessible by child; each newly installed app is by default unavailable and must be unblocked by the parent.
gps phone tracker- track actual child localization with gps tracker
phone control – check who your child keeps in touch with, and block their phone access to individuals that have a bad influence on them or cyberbullying them. A blocked contact will not be able to call or text your child.
calls and texting block – protect your child from calls made by individuals. With this function, you will be able to block incoming and outgoing calls from/to people not in the contact list. This includes the ability to block texting.
set child safety zones (geofencing and child tracking) – define on the map the zones your child should be in at particular times and on particular days. Whenever your child leaves or fails to come to the indicated place, you will be informed about it with a special notification sent to your phone and email address.
web browsing history – check what web pages your child goes to. You will know what your child is interested in, and whether they expose themselves to pornographic or violence - packed content.
call and text history – check who your child is calling and texting, and go through their text messages to block calls and texting from toxic people.
online parental control – manage your child's access to apps and contacts quickly and easily via a dedicated web page where you can enable or disable access to particular apps and contacts, define child safety zones or browse your child's latest activities.
define the time period for using apps – be able to control on what days and at what time your child will be able to use their phone apps; prevent your child from becoming addicted to the their smartphone and limit their access to games and other adult content.
specify the maximum time for using apps – teach your child to make the most of their time by limiting the maximum time they can spend using a given app. This way, you will be able to control the amount of time your child spends playing games.

Parental Control Android application enable parent to protect teen and children from cyberbullying and adult content, like nudy, sexual propositions or offensive vocabulary, which can be easily found on the internet and in the apps installed on child's smartphone.

Once it has been installed on child's smartphone, the Calmean Parental Control Android application will let to expand parental guidance. This way parent will be able to protect child against adult content such us violence or pornography and see kid flux behavior.
With the Calmaen Parental Control, parent will also be able to quickly set location tracking and geofencing, define the safe zones child should be in at a given moment. If child goes out of or fails to get in to the zone they should be in at a specified time, parent will be immediately notified about it on the screen of smartphone. Parent will know if child is where they should be, and whether they are safe and sound.
In addition, the Calmean Parental Control Android app will also let monitor child's online activity. With this you will be able to check what web pages they go to, and whether they visit any websites with adult content.
The Calmean Parental Control for Android will also allow you to check who your child keeps in touch with. You will be able to check the history and duration of your child's calls, and go through the text messages they have sent to their friends. It will also let you define the individuals your child will be able to keep in touch with. If you find any individual to be suspicious, or consider them to be a bad influence on your child, you will be able to block your child's contact with this person.
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