PASSWORD English Dictionaries

PASSWORD English Dictionaries


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Are you a learner of English looking for a reliable bilingual dictionary to expand your vocabulary and improve your use of words and grammatical skills?

The world-famous PASSWORD Semi-Bilingual English Dictionaries from K DICTIONARIES are designed specifically for intermediate-level learners of English. Each title is uniquely developed to suit the learner’s native language, culture, society and education system.

The PASSWORD Semi-Bilingual English Dictionary Apps offer the catalog of English dictionaries for more than 41 major languages:

Afrikaans | Arabic | Bulgarian | Catalan | Chinese (Simplified / Traditional) | Croatian | Czech | Danish | Dutch | Estonian | Farsi | Finnish | French | German | Greek | Hebrew | Hungarian | Icelandic | Indonesian | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Latvian | Lithuanian | Malay | Norwegian | Polish | Portuguese (Brazil / Portugal) | Romanian | Russian | Serbian | Slovak | Slovene | Spanish | Swedish | Thai | Turkish | Ukrainian | Urdu | Vietnamese

The dictionary entries distinguish different senses of the headword and include definitions in simple English, examples of usage, grammatical information, derivatives, expressions, and notes on the English language and grammar. The inflections (noun plural forms and verb conjugations) are hyperlinked to their relevant entries, and there is human-voice pronunciation of the words and phrases (highlighting differences between American and British English).

The app features include:

• Advanced search functions in English or your own language, including full text, wildcard and fuzzy search, as well as search for anagrams and of various grammatical word forms
• Copy/Paste function
•‘Share’ button function for quick translation
• Search within entries for long entries.
• Built-in handwriting recognition tool
• Looking up words by using Google Voice and Google Goggles services
• Audio human-voice pronunciations, highlighting differences between American and British English
• Declension and conjugation tables for English language included
• List of favorite words
• Offline-use enabled
• Search history
• Customizable settings
• Landscape-mode support
• Optimized for tablet devices


Creator of quality dictionary content and tools, covering over 40 languages for all digital media, cooperating worldwide with leading publishing houses, technology, information and learning firms, universities and professional associations.

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