Paw Puppy Adventure Patrol

Paw Puppy Adventure Patrol


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All you puppy lovers get ready for a new adventure game.

We all love pets and mostly puppies. So what are you waiting let the puppy love flash in your mobiles. Super adventurous and fun filled game for your kids is just a download away.

Yes you guessed it right, its puppy’s show time! Download the new and exciting game Paw Puppy Adventure Patrol and begin the fun.

The game is based on a super puppy that has twin role. One is Gus and the other is Ted. You can choose the puppy of your choice from the in house game shop. The puppy is powered with boosters to collect bones. The more you help puppy collect his bones the more powerful it gets. This shows in your score. To make the journey interesting obstacles are designed which can be overcome with the help of power boosters that you get in between the game.

Explore the PUPPY POWER!

What’s new in the store:
# Excellent concept brilliantly designed.
# High quality graphics
# Adventurous theme in a fun way for kids.
# Simple one touch gameplay. Place your thumb on the screen and now tap the screen to make puppy fly. Remember to maintain the touch on the screen or else the puppy will crash on the ground. It’s just your thumbs control over the screen.
# Background score keeps in you in the fun mood and is in sync with theme.

So don’t worry you can enjoy your puppy passion and love by just playing the game. Your personal adventurous pet game is just an install away.

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